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The crab taught her When she gets into the house she asks the woman if her name Zebo Nooloo Chino the the woman her name is Zebo Nooloo Chino the is very angry and grabbed the girl by the hair and emands to know who told her She asks all the animals and is also led to to crab When she finds the crab she hears it singing the old womans song she whacks him with her stick and he throws sand and ust into her eyes

And Burrows Away She Cant 
burrows away She cant the sand out of her eyes and the little girl runs homeThe ending says This is why crabs have cracks in their backs and old women have wrinkles around their eyes It s a funny ending but the pictures are uite scary the old woman looks very evil The book has lots of little cultural references such as the food the old woman is eating and the kind of animals that live there which is nice for children to exploreOverall a good boo. Illustrated folk tale the famous Caribbean crab is changed for ever and so are the faces of old wom. ,

Zebo Nooloo ChinooZeboo Noloo Chinoo is a Caribbean folktale by lynette comissiong and illustrated by parker Lynette Comissiong and illustrated by Rachel Parker book is intended to be read by the primary and intermediate age groups No awards were issued to the author for writing this folktale Zeboo Noloo Chinoo is a folktale about an evil godmother and a little girl Isha who needs to tell her godmother her true name in order to receive food For several ays Isha stays hungry as she has to find out the godmother s true name With the help of the island animals Isha obtains the godmother s name When the godmother hears Isha say her name she becomes enraged and clubs the crab Solestine on his back I rated this book as a five Unfortunately the act of starving children until something is accomplished is realistic in some regions of the world This story gives children the hope to Young Isha world This story gives children the hope to Young Isha to find out the old woman's name but try as she might she cannot guess Who can help. Ever give up and believe that "GOOD ALWAYS OUTWEIGHS EVIL THE ILLUSTRATIONS "always outweighs evil The illustrations bold colors resembling a lush tropical Zebo Nooloo Chino are bold colors resembling a lush tropical Zebo Nooloo Chino a Caribbean folk tale about an old lady and a crab I would probably give this book to upper ks1 or lower ks2 as it is a bit scary A crab called Solestine overhears an old scary woman singing about her own name Zebo Nooloo ChinoThe next ay when the crab returns he sees a young girl at the house she is the old woman s goddaughter The old woman tells the girl she cannot have any food until She Guesses Her Name The guesses her name The girl can t guess the name and goes to bed hungry the next ay the girl walks around town asking the animals if they know the old woman s name she is led to Solestine the crab who sings her the song On the way home she forgets the old womans name but then remembers the osng. Her and why oes she need to know Only a remarkable crab called Solistine knows the secret In this. .