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Liked some of the details about life in New England especially some of "the details about the churches they attended but there were times when the "details about the churches they attended but there were times when the got bogged down in the details I think the thing I liked the most about The Rainborowes is that I was reminded of how there are people and families throughout history that played a really important part in things and yet they don t get the recognition they deserve The Rainborowes also felt a little over the place and just when I got sed to reading about one side of the Atlantic the book would switch locations and we d be on the other side of the Atlantic It did seem pretty linear but there was something non linear about it at the same timeFinal Thoughts I m not sure what else to say about The Rainborowes It is an interesting look at a family I had NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE AND HOW INSTRUMENTAL THEY WERE heard of before and how instrumental they were both sides of the Atlantic but the book got weighed down in the details at times and I had trouble keeping track of the many people in the book While interesting I don t think it s the book for me The Rainborowes gets 2 stars This definitely worth a read The author covers a lot of the Rainsborrowe family history in much great details than I had know I liked the of the Rainsborrowe family history in much great details than I had know I liked the about the kinsmen who came back and served in the New Model Army and the reasons for it I learnt about Thomas Irish adventures which had proved challenging to find Also Judith Rainsborrowe and her life in Massachusetts with her family Maybe not enough about Richard Rainsborrowe the son later history who some claim became one of the Muggletonian sect where some strange hybrids of English protestant resulted It is a pity that the author lost track of the family and they disappear into the opening How to make Money with Porn up of the new contintent Whether this was intention and to hide from Royalist agents we will never know This was coherent a read than Tinniswood Barbary Pirates but only cover part of the period in this book I really enjoyed this book if you are interested in the Great Migration or the English Civil War it is a very good view of both through a small group of people givings a different view than most histories The author explains what records he ses and what they explain and account which I found good letting you see where he is drawing his conclusions from People traveled back and forth between the colonies and England and this book shows how common that interaction really was The beginning of the book is a bit of a fact list but later as material exists on the family this improve. Eir homeland for New England where their dreams of liberty and euality were much closer to being realized Following the Rainborowes from hectic London shipyards to remote Aegean islands from the muddy streets of Boston to the battles of the English Civil War Tinniswood reveals the indelible marks they left on America and England and the profound and irrevocable changes these thirty years had on the family and their fellow Englishmen in Europe and America A feat of historical reporting The Rainborowes spans oceans and generations to show how the American identity was forged in the crucible of England's bloody civil .
That threw a wrench in my reading First being the monotony of the name dropping secondly all the Old England towns villages and cities just way too much to take in I Old England towns villages and cities just way too much to take in I expecting a detailed description of the family Rainborowe alone and their contributions toward the building of NEW ENGLAND not all the other people and places in OLD ENGLAND Their names were put forth only a handful of times What I did enjoy were the descriptions of the religious depictions some of which I d not known before Such as the ways a person was admitted into a congregation As if it were a test of your worth Another being the childbirth situations and the mortality rates of those times I found some portrayals put forth very fascinating I left the book though not knowing truly who the Rainborowes were myself Thomas and William s lives were somewhat described and Thomas death was a moment of interest in the story But that was clearly all I could glean from the book I was lucky enough to win this book in the Goodreads giveawayFascinating book about a fascinating family that was involved in both the settling of the US and major event in England and the United Kingdom They held major political and military roles and then just disappear from historyI never heard of the Rainborrowes though I had heard of Gov Winthrop of MA and many of the other names mentioned in the colonies The writing became a bit dry and a little confusing at times because of the complex familial connections but the overall story kept my interest I learned many things about the colonies and English history I never knew to look intohunt down I have really mixed feelings about The Rainborowes It is interesting to see this family in the context of a very tumultuous time and on two different continents But I also felt like the book had a jumble of names and dates and events that was hard for me to keep track of It just seems like the Rainborowes had a lot going on and were really involved in important events and I wish I had taken notes so I could keep better track of everything I think me not keeping p with everything was pretty much my fault since I didn t pay as much attention as I could have I did find myself going back a few pages a few times because I felt like I missed something importantI think another reason why I have mixed feelings is that I wasn t expecting a book about the family and how they fit in to what was going on around them While it is the best way to talk about this very large family I think I was expecting about them Patriarch William was a shipmaster and merchant whose taste for adventure and profit drew him into the expanding transatlantic traffic between England and its colonies in the New World Eventually two of his daughters settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony marrying into the The Wind on the Heath upper echelons of New England society Back in England meanwhile William Rainborowe's sons threw themselves behind the English parliament in its rebellion against King Charles I So too did many New World settlers who returned to England to fight for the parliamentary cause When the monarchy was restored in 1660 many of these revolutionariesit th. ,
Interesting perspective on early settlement in Charlestown and area Civil War a little confusing to me Not enough background Note A free book from GoodreadsThe Rainborowes is a serious compelling narrative on a period of history that is little known to most readers The name Rainborrowes meant something in marine society during the period between 1630 and 1660 The research for this book seems impeccable It s a tale of the family and their far reaching influence from William Rainborrow as a rich marine officer his rise to Parliament and then focuses on his descendants Details emerge of New England life and the reign his descendants Details emerge of New England life and the reign Charles I of England and his demands A vivid picture is DESCRIBED IN WORDS FOR THE READER in words for the reader image what it was like living in this time periodOne tends to think once people migrated to the New World they stayed and developed a life for themselves and their family Tunniswood showed clearly this was not true People traveled back and forth between the colonies and England for many reasons Not a detailed biography nor full history this was nonetheless an interesting snapshot of the time period The author frames the story around the eponymous family They play a relatively prominent role in some of the key developments in the English speaking world in the first half of the 17th century from the settlement of Boston to the English Civil War It seems the family had little impact on history post Civil War on either side of the Atlantic and it could be argued that while they took part in key moments they rarely played the pivotal role in any they do form a good anchor for the story Brilliant portrait of key members of a 17th century family and some of their connectionsRainborowes played a major role in English naval history and the English Civil War and in the political discussions of the later 1640s Some members of the family were based for part of their lives in early colonial Massachusetts and they were connected by marriage to the WinthropsWhile relevant background is given it helps to have a basic awareness of the outlines of English history in the period 1600 1660For me as someone living in England particularly fascinating were the insights into life in Massachusetts at this time Those who think the Puritans sought to establish liberty and religious freedom there will be disabusedAnyone interested in 17th century English and Massachusetts history should read this book The back and forth of the transatlantic pilgrims of these times were incredible But there are two things. The period between 1630 and 1660 was one of the most tumultuous in Western history These three decades witnessed the birth of English America and in the mother country a vicious civil war that rent the very fabric of English social political and religious life It was an era of death and new beginnings and at its heart was one remarkable family the Rainborowes In The Rainborowes acclaimed historian Adrian Tinniswood tells the story of this all but forgotten clan for the very first time showing how the family bridged two worlds as they struggled to build a godly community for themselves and their kin The Rainborowes'.

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