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Art problem Perhaps the bodies they had were indeed similar to their original ones and which they had ecreated in some way after death I would have liked original ones and which they had ecreated in some way after death I would have liked author also to have been specific about this matterWe meet Universal Light facetiously termed Igor by Machaelle He presents himself as an intelligence beyond that which you have known and additionally explains We are massive and great and have existed since the beginning of time How does such a being differ from God and how would Universal Light have defined God Though God is probably an antiuated term for that energyPan was also an intriguing acuaintance It was interesting to note that all the details of the mission had to be meticulously planned and some did go wrong Universal Light and Pan were thus not omnipotent by any means though they did have great powersAn important factor was that the energies Lichtenstein released by the Mission were transferred to a level beyond our universe The mission thus constituted a momentous eventOneesult of the mission which I can The Roman Object Revolution reveal was successful that can involve us all was that owing to the leylines transfer we can now focus on specific situations and ask for and expect toeceive new solutions ie we will be assisted by the Cottage team and the new leylinesValuable appendices include details of the energy cleansing process and flower essence definitionsThis work describes the various processes in great detail and seems mostly like a sort of work book So it will not prove to be the most exciting of books to everyone and in fact it was not so for me eitherBut the Mount Shasta Mission was apparently a world changing event and it was thus a privilege to be permitted to hear about itI would thus ecommend the book to event and it was thus a privilege to be permitted to hear about itI would thus ecommend the book to Whiff, or How the Beautiful Big Fat Smelly Baby Found a Friend really into such things Now I will be trying to get hold of Co creative science MAP and the Perelandra Microbial Balancing program manualCommen. His book is not for you if You don't like detail and prefer toead A miracle occurs here and they all lived happily ever after The Big Picture scares you You believe thinking about government and its impact on the social structure around you is beneath you You like being uninformed You don't wish to live within your community immediate and global esponsibly You don't want to know how a multi level project such as the Mt Shasta Mission is pulled off You don't have the patience for a story that starts slowl.

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Let me start with this book is not for everybody I d classify this in the alternative section So having said that I think someone eading this book is ei Previously long before I began to write The Elite Way reviews Iead Machaelle Small Wright s Behaving as if the God in all Life mattered and Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon and found them fantastic and fascinatingThus Machaelle and her two bodies the one in Perelandra here on Earth and the other in the Cottage on a planet similar to Earth but in a different Crumbs reality were no stranger to me when Iead this book and I didn t stranger to me when I ead this book and I didn t to bother about accommodating that concept in my mindThe present book deals firstly with describing the Battle Energy Release Process and the cleansing of Nature at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg and secondly and even importantly with eporting on the title theme the Mount Shasta MissionRe Battle Release the energy of the various battles and wars fought on Earth throughout history have had an extremely deleterious effect on the energies of Earth Nature has served as a buffer in elation to the damage done on these battle sites and what Machaelle has carried out at the site of the Gettysburg battle has been to cleanse Nature by means of flower essences which cleansing constitutes as it were her primary field of expertiseThe cleansing was carried out by opening a so called coning and calling to herself the overlighting deva of the Battle Pan appropriate members of the White Brotherhood connected with the work including Universal Light and her own higher selfIn her body at the Cottage level a body that once belonged to someone else but that she has taken over Machaelle works with the members of the White Brotherhood primarily David aka Dwight David Eisenhower and three othersRe the Mount Shasta Mission its primary aim was to deactivate Piscean governmentmilitary leylines simulta. In Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon Machaelle wrote that what happened on Mt Shasta in 1985 was a book in itself Well here's the book The Mount Shasta Mission is a story that starts slowly and uietly Unbeknownst to Machaelle at that time pieces that were seemingly unconnected but were later critical to the Mission were being put into place This is where we see the importance of doing what we are supposed to do even if we don't have a clue about the larger implications By the time the Naked Man arrives on. The Mount Shasta MissionNeously activating a new leyline grid supporting Auarian structures #This mission was planned to take place between July 15 17 1985This extremely ambitious and important mission #mission was planned to take place between July 15 17 1985This extremely ambitious and important mission to involve the landing of a mother ship on Mount Shasta a crew of about 35 David s lot from the Cottage including St Germain together with prominent dead guests Winston Churchill Franklin Roosevelt Charles de Gaulle Harry Truman Joseph Stalin Cardinal Richelieu Mao Tse tung and thousands of backup spacecraft These prominent men all of whom could not be classified as having been God s most wellbehaved children were the guardians of the governments during the Piscan era and it would be their task to formally elease custodianship be their task to formally elease custodianship all Sketching From Square One to Trafalgar Square responsibility for government But these men in their present bodies apparentlyepresented their soulsThe whole process is described in tremendous detail but with Machaelle s zany humour What she calls Foot people were called in by Peter Caddy of Findhorn fame who was also involved in the mission to act as witnesses but none of these turned up Others turned uo instead and caused some trouble Great effort was expended in balancing the bodies of all those concerned by means of flower essences since the energy of the mother ship was extremely powerful and could have caused harm to those affectedOne detail I lacked an explanation of was where the prominent dead people De Gaulle etc got their bodies from Trial mother ship landing processes took place where the mother ship on some energetic level was brought into the bodies of Machaelle the witnesses and so on their bodies then being tested and adjusted and the bodies of the prominent world leaders were also tested But what bodies were these Machaelle talks of Stalin having a left arm problem so it seems that their bodies were supposed to be similar to their original ones And De Gaulle had a he. The scene yes there's a naked man in the book and a commitment to the Mission is made the story picks up speed and takes on the force of a high speed train You'll laugh you'll cry you'll be amazed you'll want to scream you'll probably even want to slug a few people but mostly you'll gain a new appreciation of life and all that is happening around us And you'll know in new ways just how much we are not alone when we humans are faced with the sometimes daunting task of moving ourselves and our world forward .