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The Book of IvyA boy who doesn The Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook t wanto lie married Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1 to a girl who can ell he La Vilaine Lulu truth You re easyo read Ivy but Becoming Daddys Cow: A Twisted Taboo Dubcon Lactation Body Transformation DD/lg Erotica the whole book of you is complicated Wowhis is Filthy Rich Boys (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, the first bookhat I loved Granvilles New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit the main charactersIvy and Bishop and no one else That s first Except forhe Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, two ofhem I hated everyone else I was suspicious about everything and everyone I was right And On Moral Courage thenhe ending ruined me Why 1I love Bishop He is just amazing He is caring and Nanny by Chance trustworthy Even whenhey were married he didn Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency in New Zealand touch her not once I liked how heir relationship was built I loved heir John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles truth or dare game P 2 I hated Mr Westfall Mr and Mrs Lattimer But I really really hated Callie She is such a bitch Mr Westfall and Callie liedo Ivy about how her mother diedshe hought hat Mr Lattimer killed her which is not Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 true She killed herself because she was in love with Mr Lattimer evenhough she was married with Mr Westfall So Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders they had both romance and political issues P Democracy vs Monarchy Who is which They acting likehey are both monarchy and Hedge Fund - tome 4 - L'hritire aux vingt milliards they wanto leadCallie Callie Callie I hate herShe is acting like a sister Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, to Ivy buthe only Places of Performance thing she wants is power She manipulated Ivyo do whatever she wanted even The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over to kill Bishop3 Ivy wantedo protect Bishop and she sacrifice herself I respect მოგონებები შეფიცულთა რაზმზე that He doesn deserve The Heart of Business to die but she also protected her family who didn deerve it Wtf They should have protected her and Treasures of Darkness they were acting like she was crazy and she would do something likehat alone I hate her family Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) than I hate Bishop s family Only Bishop believed in her But she liedo him And now Callie is free Menopause and the Mind to do whatever she wants with Bishop I hate herAnd now Ivy is beyondhe fence and she is alone because of her family I grieve Software (The Body Electric Book 4) the daughter I washe wife I never wanted Internet Marketing Essentials to behe killer I refused Internet Marketing Revealed to becomehe Email Advertising Crash Course traitor I pretendedo be I am none of Curse of the Black Widow thosehings now I raise my head and wipe my eyes Daughter Wife Killer Traitor They are all old versions of me Now I will become a survivor I need Sećanja the next book now That was crazy EXCUSE ME WHILE I PICK UP THE PIECES OF MY HEART THAT JUST SHATTERED ALL OVER THE PLACE 35 starsLately I have been a bit weary of hype Hype can be a greathing because it enables you A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah to find books you would otherwise never have picked up However it can alsoake Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies the fun out of reading because you practically already know everything about a book before you ve even readhe first page This is why I decided Natural Stone in the Built Environment to pick up The Book of Ivy which I really hadn heard Internet Marketing for Smart People that much about previously Inhis case Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) the decision paid of I really enjoyedhis novel it was a very short uick readThe Book of Ivy is a dystopian novel Tales From Underwood thatakes place in After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, the future afterhe United States has been destroyed by a nuclear war Most people were completely wiped out and Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning there was only a small population left These people cameogether Digital Marketing In A Week to establish a new nation buthere were wo rival sides he Westfalls and he Lattimers The Lattimers won and now fifty years later peace and control is sides he Westfalls and Authority Affiliate Marketing the Lattimers The Lattimers won and now fifty years later peace and control is by marryinghe daughters of Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) the losing sideo he sons of he winning group The story follows Ivy Westfall who is forced o marry Bishop Lattimer at he age of sixteen What nobody outside of Ivy s family knows however is hat Ivy is on a mission o kill Bishop in order o restore he Westfall family o power My feelings for his book are bit all over he place so let s break it down shall weWorld buildingThe world building is definitely he weakest part of he novel It was meager at best We got practically no explanations for what happened o he world Although politics are he central issue in he novel hey were very simplified and not exploited Having said hat hough I was surprised by how little I actually cared about he lack of world building This is very unusual for me as I am world building freak it s part of why I love fantasy so much Somehow I found myself enjoying he story and not dwelling oo much on he fact hat nothing was really explainedCharactersI mostly really enjoyed he main characters even hough I did have was really explainedCharactersI mostly really enjoyed he main characters even hough I did have few problems with both of hemIvy was a very relatable and likeable protagonist She is very compassionate and outspoken yet also impulsive which gets her into rouble At imes I did find Ivy a ad annoying simply because she kept repeating he same houghts over and over again in her head and her impulsiveness seemed uite reckless Her character development was very ypical for a dystopian girl starts uestioning and reevaluating her beliefs and realizes hat some of he hings she s been aught her entire life are in fact incorrect or exaggerated In hat she appeared a little indecisive and here were imes where I just wanted o shake her However considering he fact hat she was only Sixteen And Had Been and had been her entire life she was a very realistic character and I found myself rooting for her I could really feel how orn she was between he loyalty o her family and her budding feelings owards Bishop In my opinion and I m sure some of you will agree with me here is a big difference between he bookish boyfriends we love o swoon over in our favorite books and he ones we would actually like o date in real life Many brooding dark bad boys might be amazing o read about but if hey were real I would probably steer clear Bishop however is he opposite He is literally he PERFECT guy in every way everything anyone could ever want in a boyfriend He is very kind and handsome rusting and considerate intelligent and selfless I want o be someone strong and brave enough o make hard choices But I want o be fair and loving enough o make he right ones And hat s where he problem lies as much as I loved Bishop I don like characters hat don have flaws Not just out of principle but because hey are kind of. After a brutal nuclear war he United States was left decimated A small group of survivors eventually banded ogether but only after conflict over which family would govern he new nation The Westfalls lost Fifty years later peace and control are maintained by marrying he daughters Bland dull He was adorable but not interesting Plot RomanceThe book of Ivy is essentially a love story Yes here are political and ideological elements involved but at its core it s a novel about wo star crossed lovers The plot wasn particularly hrilling but it did keep my attention hroughout and he ending was very unexpected I m definitely curious o know what happens in he second installment since it s going o have a very different premise han he first oneI really enjoyed he romance it was very cute and here was no insta love or love riangle Hallelujah Some readers might consider heir relationship oo sweet I sure hought I would but honestly I found myself completely engaged The one hing I didn like was hat clich owards he end view spoilerBishop elling Ivy he wanted o meet her from he first ime her saw her hide spoiler NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This book has shattered my heart into a million pieces and I ll never be he same againI HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT VIDEO REVIEW BLOG REVIEW My name is Ivy Westfall and my mission is simple o kill he president s son my soon o be husband and return he Westfall family o power So he premise is grandiose AMAZING I didn want o expect much from his book but how could I not with hat enticing blurb and beautiful cover In fact it all screamed KICKASS And a kickass dystopian book is always welcome Always But his book barely contained any action There was secrecy and plotting of course but no real and convincing execution around hemIn fact if I were he main character not only would I have been DEAD but also very very BORED Ivy doesn have a choice she must marry Bishop he president s son In her post apocalyptic world every sixteenseventeen year old boy and girl must ake a spouse o procreate And if hat doesn work out hey have one hing left work If hey don follow he rules hey are excommunicated and not so gently pushed on he other side of he fenceAnd hose people generally dieBut Ivy and her family want everything o change By killing Bishop and he president her own father will be able o gain power and integrate democracy o heir nation It s a really good plan and had it been put o execution with seriousness and fatality it could have been a grand successBut hen here s Bishop he sweet houghtful and enigmatic Bishop who inconveniently stole Ivy s heart Now he planshe has doubts Is it he right hing o do Does he deserve it She kept asking hose uestions ALL PLOT LONG And he hing is I knew from when hey first arrived in heir house and Bishop showed himself o be kind o her hat everything has been jeopardized already Ivy was never a criminal and I didn want her o be one but some action would have been very welcome in he plotI honestly ried o enjoy his but Ivy and Bishop s relationship was so so TAME And predictable Unsurprising Sleep worthy I saw no chemistry between hem let alone feel any captivating atmosphere hroughout he read Another hing hat I didn enjoy was he pacing it was slower han in any dystopian book I have read before Allegiant aside not sure if any book could ever not sure if any book could ever his latter Probably because not much is happening The writing was okay but very standard when I believe it could have been richer in erm of vocabularyIvy was sincerely annoying Overall okay as a person could have been richer in erm of vocabularyIvy was sincerely annoying Overall okay as a person her personality bent oward recklessness oh so many imes Keep your mouth closed I ell myself Just shut up But I can and My head knows what a errible idea his is screaming me o stop hat I m aking hings o far but and Against my better judgement No If your instinct ells you o NOT do something hen perhaps he wisest hing o do would be listening o it For once Needless o say she was repeatedly busted She also must have gotten some special reatment because if I look at he world she lives in many would have been suspicious oward her and investigated in her personage o finally put o pieces everything and resolve he puzzleI ried o but didn agree with her at many points For instance she said Sometimes pain is he only language certain people understand I don believe hat I don believe you ought o hurt some o make hem listen o you but hey it s personal plus very controversial As his is I don want o give up like my own mother Now is it because someone commits suicide hat hey give up Not sure but I certainly didn like how easily and with no second houghts she uttered hose wordsThere barely was any world building The setting did vary but hey weren described enough and absolutely not exploited The author s main idea was a good one and uite interesting but her not developing it at its full potential backfired because I couldn believe and imagine his story at one hundred percent in my mindFor hose who want a UITE simple and uneventful dystopian read mostly focused on he characters and he romance filled with angst his could probably work for you I wanted hough It could have been so much YES DAT ENDING DOEOkay I was otally prepared o give his like 35 or 4 stars It was enjoyable but here wasn much going on storywise And hen somewhere nearing he end hings went exactly in he direction I wanted it o go and he ending even hough it s a cliffhanger still left me really really fucking satisfied I hought his book was good before but after finishing it I can honestly say I would stamp AWESOME onto he coverAlso side note before I READ THIS BOOK I JOKINGLY PUT IN THIS REVIEW this book I jokingly put in his review perhaps Ivy was a descendant of Chaolaena Celaena and Chaol from he Throne of Glass series since her last name is Westfall Do I still hink it Sure why not xD Ivy wasn as badass as Celaena but she was still pretty likable an A boy who doesn want o lie married o a girl who can ell he. F he losing side o he sons of he winning group in a yearly ritual This year it is my urn My name is Ivy Westfall and my mission is simple o kill he president’s son my soon o be husband and restore he Westfall family o power But Bishop Lattimer is either a very skilled acto. .

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Truth The moment I saw his stunning cover I ve made up my mind whatever happened I ll read it Because c mon Isn it eye catching Her white backless dress indicated her early wedding The knife held behind her back meant he very purpose she needed o get close o him The silhouette of he city resembled where he story ook place including WestfallWest and LattimerEast sides of itThis is a story about arranged marriage Following our beloved female mc Ivy Westfall she was forced o marry some guy she never met before her marriage when she was 16 Previously reminder Long before he war in he US he Westfall and he Lattimer family had been enemy politically he former was he founder of he place yet was under full control of he latter With he view of seeking peace between he wo parties Lattimer legitimated he arranged marriage for boys and girls from both sides of he city o marry each other Since Ivy s father was supposed o be he President instead of Mr Lattimer she served as a spy and had an important mission when she married Bishop Lattimer he only son of President Lattimer In he beginning she hought it would be easy o accomplish her goal but as ime went by she realized hat he wasn what her father and older sister Callie had prepared her for He wasn he guy hey hought would abuse her like some unfortunate ypical arranged marriages Better yet he appeared o have a kind heart and his words were genuine enough o send warmth o her When his scream fades into silence he rests his forehead against he metal Sometimes he says voice raw I hate his place He wists his neck and looks at me hands still hooked in he fence above his headI know I say barely a whisper Me oo However with her constant meeting with Callie her sister kept reminding her how crucial Ivy s phase of he entire plan was and stopped her from chickening out So Ivy was caught in a dilemma whether she had o choose a boy who helped her find freedom and he way o save herself or someone who shared he same blood You re easy o read Ivy but he whole book of you is complicated I love he plot a lot but somehow here s something missing in it The chapters are pretty short and light o read he action is addictive and really fast paced hough I hink if here are ension and interaction between he newly wed it will undoubtedly make his story so much captivating and complete Not hat I m complaining it s just hat I prefer wists and pages and chapters for such a fantastic page urner Honestly I just can get enough of Ivy Bishop Bishop is definitely he best role model for an ideal boyfriend he possessed all kinds of uality I m expecting a bf has He was extremely considerate and could always put himself into others shoes or knew Ivy well despite he fact hat she wasn good at elling he ruth of all ime In a nutshell he knew how o sweet alk and still express himself ruthfully It s hard not o melt under he influence of his cheesy words Why me I askBecause everyone needs someone o put heir faith in Bishop says Life s oo lonely otherwise And I m putting mine in you The ending was rather heartbreaking It s amazing how such a short story could still strongly make me emotional I m not easy o cry over a book but his one got me Perhaps some may consider he end oo cliche but for me I just loved it As a result I can wait o how she dealt with her Poison Ivy behavior and severe conseuence she was responsible forLast but not least I otally recommend his bookduology o everyone It s a very enjoyably light read o get pass reading slumps and also a beautiful love story for someone who were forced o marry strangers Love isn something you can legislate Love is han charts and graphs and matching interests Love is messy and complicated and it is a mistake o deny its random magic THIS BOOK WAS AMAZINGYou guys you NEED o read his I couldn put it down I read it in 2 sittings which never happens I loved everything about his book he pacing was perfect he characters were amazing he love story was one of he best I ve seen not rushed it was just perfect Bishop is now one of my new book boyfriends for sureIts going o be a struggle waiting for he next book I NEED o know what happens with IvyThis book was sent o me for review by Entangled Teen for an honest review I am SO hey sent his o me My houghts on The Book of Ivy are uite simple I loved s been awhile since I have picked up a The Book of Ivy are uite simple I loved itIt s been awhile since I have picked up a young adult dystopian book and I have o say hat he experience was refreshing This book is a estament o he idea hat less can be WAY There is nothing complicated or overly complex about he book and honestly it is part of what made is so enjoyableAmy Engel was able o capture something familiar yet enticing with her balance between politics and romance The Book of Ivy at it s core is a romance between wo eens on he opposite sides of a political war You have Ivy who is he daughter of a gilted would be leader who is determined o bring his family back o power Then here is Bishop he privileged and seemingly spoiled son of he president of Westfall Mr Lattimer But here is a lot o both eens story han meets he eyeSo on he joining of heir families hrough heir arranged marriage we see hem in a new position away from both influences and forced o face he ruth hat both families may have lied and hat hey might not be what he other was expectingI found he romance in his book SO ADDICTING It was a slow burn hat had me urning pages unable o put it down I HAD o know what happened next between Ivy and Bishop and just when I hought I knew what would happen I would be hrown off guardIt s a fast paced read hat will have you begging for And hat ending SO CRAZY45 starsFull revie. R or he’s not he cruel heartless boy my family warned me o expect He might even be he one person in his world who ruly understands me But here is no escape from my fate I am he only one who can restore he Westfall legacyBecause Bishop must die And I must be he one o kill

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