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375 starsAs anyone who reads my reviews knows I am a self proclaimed Anne Tenino fan irl Normally I m reading her books while alternating between suealing shrilly and rapid fire uoting ay erotica to my very disinterested husband Was this book sueal worthy Maybe a half hearted sueal like a mini sueal I liked it a lot but it had a few little details that irked me Let me start with what I LOVED Anne Tenino writes some of the funniest scenes that I have ever had the pleasure of reading I am obsessed OBSESSED with the scenes that involve the whole fraternity I don t want to et into details and spoil the fun for anyone but anything that Open for Business (Rough play with anonymous men in a porn shop viewing room) (Rough play with anonymous men in a porn shop viewing room) (The Sex Shop Book 1) gets Danny talking about sensitivity training just pee your pants funny Anne Tenino also always comes up with the most clever little phrases I consistently find her incredibly uote worthy He d entered some kind of hirsute erotic paradise BearadiseAnother thing that is fabulous about this book and all of Anne s books is that the scenes feel real Thank you Anne for having your characters talk about taking showers beforeetting rimmed Am I the only one that cringes when I m reading a book and the characters are like out dancing etting all sweaty at a club eating heavy food and then they et to the sex and they are rimming each other like it is spic and span back there I think not Anne has her characters scurrying off to Les Lgendaires - Les Chroniques de Darkhell 01. Tnbris get clean before action happens It might sound silly to mention in a review but I like how the author always does that Also on the feeling real part I think that Eric and Collin s relationship felt very authentic Though theyot serious uickly it didn t feel contrived at all to me It felt organic and natural They chemistry was palpable and I loved the way they rew as a couple in a short period of time So if this book is so fabulous why not 5 stars Just a warning this is purely personal taste Here is my problem and it is a doozy for this book I hated HATED all of the pet names I honestly cringed each time Eric called Collin sweet thing or sweetness I couldn t picture him saying it without iving a cheesy wink or leer It was a total mood killer and it was on every single page And I usually don t mind endearments I don t mind The scent guys calling each other baby darling cutie it is just sweet thing felt mildly creepy and very forced If he had left off with the sweet thing comments I think this would haveone up at least 12 a star maybe My other little issue with this book is that I didn t love the whole mystery plot line I honestly don t know how this book would have come together otherwise but I felt like it took me out of Collin and Eric s relationship a bit I could have done without it altogether and had the entire book be about Collin s struggle to find his own path come out and figure out his relationship with EricWhat is my final take on this book It was a very very nice read that just wasn t uite as wonderful as I wanted However I LOVE Anne Tenino s style and I will remain a devoted fan irl Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review 25 starsEven Nick J Russo couldn t save this audiobook I vaguely remembered this story from when I read it in ebook form years ago but I was not prepared for how much the audio would annoy me I m talking nicknames every single page and annoying ones #too like sweet baby boy and sweet young thang but said in a serious tone I couldn t #like sweet baby boy and sweet young thang but said in a serious tone I couldn t it read out loud to me It was suffocating and it highlighted the age difference between the two MCs but in a bad way not in a sexy wayI also really struggled with the insta love this time around Collin and Eric were so extremely insta lovey as a couple Eric was the intense one of the two even to o as far as creeping me out a little bit He was so over the top with the nicknames and the lovey stuff that it ended up making me shut down It ma 375I was a little worried that I wouldn t like this book the warnings about the overuse of endearments and such made me wary But I enjoyed book 2 in this series and I usually like Anne Tenino s stories so I decided t 정숙한 남자 [A Man of Virtue] give it aoI won t recap the story it s been done and the blurb is pretty The Gordian Knot Vol. 4 good at explaining it but I do want to say that I appreciated the situation Collinoes through with his Uncle Monty I think a lot of us have someone in our life at some point who exercises a lot of influence and pressure on us and our decisions it s pretty damn hard to break from that pattern and do it in a way that is best for everyone it s not always feasible or possible to burn all your bridgesAnyhowthe humor is another thing I love about this author feasible or possible to burn all your bridgesAnyhowthe humor is another thing I love about this author m usually smiling and feel entertained when I m reading her storiesEric is a little too Aeon Legion good to be true but hey why not Collin is areat Secretul vieții și alte eseuri guy and the frat boys were fun If I have learned something with this book is that aood fire cures everythingEric kind of reminded me of Gus Portokalos with the Windex lolYour frat buddies are pestering you let me light you a fire Bad day with the family I built you a fire Someone tried to kill you Nothing like a raging fire to make you feel betterI liked this book endearments and all Eric was just perfect maybe my favorite MC of the series so farWhere can I Down Lambeth Way get an Eric for myself Instantly forgettable The characters had little depth or substance and chemistry was nowhere to be found This might have worked better as a novella or short I reckon this series has reached its sell by date Time toraduate boys Let me preface this review with saying I usually love any books with paramedics firefighters etc and I love frat boys or just even college men stories Those elements combined SHOULD have hooked me enough to rate this at least middle of the road Unfortunately I couldn t focus on the book at all for than ten minutes due to very specific factors This is the story of Collin Montes a Theta Alpha Gamma fraternity member who has pushed for his fraternity to openly allow Lebanese War gay members Collin. Thanks to Collin Montes Theta Alpha Gamma now welcomesay and bisexual students Persuading his Uncle Monty president of the TAG Alumni Association that the open approach won’t adversely affect TAG’s reputation is Collin’s own first step toward coming out As long as there are no repercussions he’ll escape the closet by raduationEnter repercussions stage left someone rigs. ,

Sweet Young Thang Theta Alpha Gamma #3

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Is weavingcreating a story Other books and writers allow me to be immersed in a work with no lass pane I m there This one is that of the former There was too much craft on the page Too much work bordering on out and out artificeespecially in the characterisations4 The plot was diverting but not compelling and there were times when I was very tempted to DNF when the sweet shit pinged my exposed nerves having long past eroded the enamel 5 I am completely fine with instantaneous love I think some things and people and feelings you may just know Yet the insta love here creeped me out I love you s and keys and proposals in a week Eric came across as somewhat smothering needy and insecure sometimes This is the first time in a long time I have read a romance and have been so outside of it I was actually framing the advsisory conversation in my head Sweetie this isn t exactly healthy Having said all that and despite the fact that this author s writing never really The Shadowhunters Codex gels with me and I don t uite like her voice I amoing to read Jock s story when she does write it The set up is so obvious that it is in fact Dry Hard going to be written and this series will be perpetuated and that too is annoying but Jock intrigues meAlso there were some funny moments and a couple cute onesit s just that it was all way too drawn out and that killed the essence Review posted at The Armchair ReaderWell Anne you ve made me do it again Every time I pick up one of your long awaited books I find myself even in love than before I think this time around I really fell in love with this book simply because it had so many different ualities to love and pinged on so many different emotions from so many different characters And it was touching Anne takes us satisfactorily deep into Collin and then allows us to experience the moments of clarity and insight as he feels them and deals with themIn this third installment of the Theta Alpha Gamma series we head back once again to the fraternity that first saw an openay student with Brad in Frat Boy and Toppy We meet Collin briefly if I can remember correctly as Brad s friend who ives him a pretty big failure of a blowjob one that acts as somewhat of a catalyst in Brad and Sebastian s relationshipIn Sweet Young Thang we see that experience from Collin s perspective He iswas Brad s best friend but not out himself He did a pretty ood job of pretending to be straight before that but now he has a Das Haus der Angst good circle of friends at the college that are allay men He s the Alumni Liaison for TAG a position secured for him by his Uncle Monty the President of the Alumni Association with a heavy hand in current TAG politics the biggest of which is the recent change in policy that says that Theta Alpha Gamma now accepts ay students Of course it always did but it was of a Don t Ask Don t Tell kind of situation Brad changed all that Collin convinced his Uncle Monty to support him in his lobbying to change the policy and in return promises him that there will be no repercussions from those who might be unhappy about the changeAll of that is blown out of the water when someone plants a bomb and sets the TAG house on fire A frat brother is injured and the house is totally a lost cause fire A frat brother is injured and the house is totally a lost cause Uncle Monty starts putting on the pressure to change the policy back But part of Collin s reasons for lobbying the change so hard were to see his Uncle s reactions in the first place His whole life has been planned out by his uncle his prep school college classes and degree including his position in #The Family Olive Oil #family olive oil business after raduation It isn t until he meets sexy paramedic Eric who has his own secret history with Uncle Monty an alum of TAG himself in the bomb fiasco that Collin starts to feel like he finally has someone in his corner But their relationship is picking up uick and heavy and the pressure from all directions in his life is starting to Searching for Wanda get to CollinThis is uite a long novel but it really doesn t seem like it because it s really jam packed with action and a super uick pace The only real downtime in the story are the times alone with Collin and Eric which thankfully are a fair few Normally I would probably prefer the story to be less sex heavy and plot centric but Anne Tenino knows how to write sex and intimacy together while keeping the relationship moving forward and the sex important to plot And that s all while making it some of the hottest sex I ve read this year Whew Eric and Collin have a serious connection from the moment they meet and it really shows throughout the book slowly translating from lust into something real Even though it s made known several times throughout the book how fast their relationship is moving a week total over the whole book this NEVER felt like insta love It isn t about the overall time that the couple has inetting to know one another but about how they spend that time Eric and Collin Ray Ryan go through a lot together and each step along the way they communicate those changes between them so that you can see themrowing togetherAll i can really do is urge you to read this book yourself I know that this book will have a fair few amount of fans excited to read it already because of the popularity of the series previously But all I can really say is that I feel like this series Daddys Sweet Girl: A Dark Stepfamily Love Story gets better and better with each book and while your preferences for the plot of each will change how you feel about each book they re all fairly different I think that Anne s writing hasrown in leaps and bounds since Frat Boy There are so many The Last True Explorer great things about this book a kick ass opening chapter which really introduces us to Eric well and some absolutely pure hilarity from the frat boysBig mistake the Alunmi Association made You should never threaten a fat boy s beer I think I made it to about 28% The whole romance and plot was feeling very contrived and predictable And the use of the pet name Sweet Thing was already annoying me. Et during a call at his former college fraternity house The ageap between them is trumped by sexy eyes so when Eric sees Collin again at the bomb scene he pursues him Soon Eric is dreaming of being a househusband fighting to keep Collin safe from whoever’s trying to destroy the fraternity and helping his sweet young thang realize that repercussions sometimes have silver lining. Is still in the closet himself due to a contentious homophobic uncle Marty who is the president of Theta Alpha Gamma s Alumni Association but he wants to come out as soon as possible Late in the night one evening there is an explosion at the frat due to a rigged water heater and a frat member is injured Enter Paramedic Eric Dixon an older man and a former Theta Alpha Gamma member who coincidently enough used to have a crush on Collin s uncle Monty What follows is a whirlwind romance between Collin and Eric and I mean that and will et to that later and a weak mystery plot concerning a vendetta against the fraternity and its members perhaps particularly Collin So first things first this plot was just ALL over the map and the book was too much of EVERYTHING Too many characters too many storyline threads too much sex too many pet names too much creepiness too much repetition too much insta love too many clich sthe only thing this book didn t have too much of was a plot that was interesting The fraternity brothers would often have meetings or discussions and I ather many of these moments were to produce laughter in the reader I just found it all tedious and unrealistic It didn t read at all like any college man I ve really ever encountered especially not ones in a Location, Location, Damnation (The Brackenford Cycle group frat setting I m not saying the author didn t know what she was talking about or do her research but it felt all very flat and contrived to me The main couple of Collin and Eric drove me BONKERS If I heard one freakin time Sweetness Pretty Thang Sweet Thang Pretty Thing or Sweet Boy I felt like I wasoing to slam my head on a counter And I Thrones, Dominations get that Eric was older but my God it was brought up over and over And seriously I ve read insta love before and never liked it but this was overboard even for me I think it was the second time they hang out and maybe even just 2 days and Eric is already talking love The next dozens of chapters kept being all Are you changing your mind No Are you OK if I m not there yet Yep Let so bareback Yes No waitmaybe wait next sex scene I m ready to I Hela Cnau go bareback So freaking frustrating Also the author put way too much sex in this and it felt at times like page filler I didn t feel each time advanced the couple s standing or the plot Also I can t place my fingertip on it but for some reason Eric s photography hobby and taking pictures of Collin creeped me out mildly Perhaps if he hadn t come across so clingyoogly eyed and insecure IMMEDIATELY after sleeping with Collin I would have felt better I couldn t understand how this man was discussing love so soon with someone he didn t know at all and combine that with his neediness and picture taking it felt almost like Eric viewed Collin as some younger man object and could freeze him in time with photos Or I m rambling and this is all a load of conjecturing crap Either way the couple didn t do it for me at all I didn t care for the mystery both in the perpetrators or the crimes themselves It felt distracting and at the same never felt focused enough to warrant being there I just wish the characters could have met some other way So this is kind of sugar fluff with loads of pet #Names And Endearments An Older #and endearments an older falling in love with his closeted younger man and a mystery of who is "POTENTIALLY AFTER THE FRATERNITY FOR ALLOWING "after the fraternity for allowing members to pledge and become members Just not for me 275This was okay Very readable but nothing really stood out for me in terms of either the characters or the storyline I liked Collin and Eric but there were a few things that didn t work for me hereview spoilerThe pet names Sweet thing sweetness sweet baby my boy sweet boy etc That really started to et to me after a bit I can take one or two but anything boy really rates for me The age difference Usually this isn t a problem for me but this was verging on not working for me I m not uite sure why this time it didn t really jell Maybe because of the constant emphasize on how Eric is old enough to be Collin s father He s 15 years older so technically I uess so but realistically nohe s not I also didn t "enjoy the SebastianCollin confrontation I thought the Brad blowjob issue had been put to bed two books ago " the SebastianCollin confrontation I thought the Brad blowjob issue had been put to bed two books ago was surprised to see it revisited hide spoiler Okayso this book turned out to be annoying Let me count the ways Before I do though let me say that it did not start out as such I read the sample was charmed coughed up 799 and settled in for a nice lengthy ish readExcept1 The interests the pov s the perspectives in this story felt as if they were diametrically opposed I couldn t reconcile the shifts between Eric and Collin aka Sweetness I read YA New Adult and mature works and I enjoy them all so my problem as will be stated has nothing to do at all with the fact that the setting for this book was on a college campus My problem is that the writer tries to write two different books and pair them up Age differences can be tricky to write I well understand but a perspective has to be chosen and fully utilised What I mean is that Eric is 36 and Collin is 21 The book opens with Eric and the feeling the atmosphere is that of maturity Then we switch to a college campus with Collin and we have characters behaving as if a frat meeting is a UN convention deciding on world war or something This binary opposition in tone persisted throughout It created a note of dissonance that I just couldn t et past Plus I m younger than Eric and I find it hard to re enter a college mindset It was just jarring for me reading these characters taking a frat so seriously 2 I never want to read another book with sweet anything being the term of endearment Seriously the recipe called for a tablespoon of sugar Tenino went out and bought the cane fields This is the worst case of overdoing it I have ever come across Ever 3 The writing read to me as being self conscious self aware stiff sort of wooden Some books lets me know that someone. The TAG House water heater to launch through the ceiling then plants a bomb thankfully unsuccessful in the fraternity’s basement Now Collin has his hands full not only trying to convince his uncle that this might not be the work of homophobes but also dealing with a fratful of brothers worried about their kegger fridgeParamedic Eric Dixon can’t stop thinking about the kid he