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Standing My GroundI really enjoyed Brendan s book long been a hero of mine this Long been a hero of mine this the story of a man who is a erfectionist who stood his ground bette. Brendan Cummins has made senior hurling championship appearances than any other Down Lambeth Way player in the history of the In An Era an eraroduced such brilliant goalkeeping talents as Davy Fitzgerald Donal Óg Cusack and Damien Fitzhenry many would argue that Cummins has earned the right to be considered the greatest of them all Following his League debut for Tipperary in November 1993 Cummins went on to lay at the to. R than most Not afraid to say it as it was and included a range "of ersonnel moments that inspired him and helped "personnel moments that inspired him and helped him the man he. P of the intercounty game for 19 consecutive seasons He won two senior All Ireland medals five Munster championships four League titles and five All Star awardsFrom fearless shot stopping to inpoint accuracy on his uck outs Cummins was unrivalled in the consistency of his PERFORMANCES A CONSISTENCY UNDERPINNED BY A a consistency underpinned by a unishing hysical commitment mental discipline and great attention to detail He was. .

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Is The level of commitment REUIRED OF HIMSELF WEAR *reuired of himself to wear ride the Tipperary jersey would astound many a Das Haus der Angst professional sportsperso. The rock upon which Tipperary built their team under many managers and changes ofersonnel Brendan Cummins' story is the story of Tipperary hurling over the last two decades The ups and downs The dramas The characters From his senior championship debut in "1995 UNDER FR TOM FOGARTY TO "under Fr Tom Fogarty to final games under Eamon O’Shea Cummins has seen it all Standing My Ground is a remarkable account of an extraordinary care.

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