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ReacherReacher admits to a base bully that he s probably a psychopath and he s probably right but as Elliott Leyton author of Hunting Humans The Rise of the Modern Multiple Murderer tells us the majority of psychopaths aren t Hannibal Lecter As with any psychological diagnosis there must be a range of psychopathy from those who are merely empathically challenged to those who have no empathy at all Young Jack Reacher exhibits many of the signs of psychopathy but he does care for his family Can he empathize with them Perhaps not but he fakes it wellAnother Canadian Elliott Elliott Barker says of The Partial Psychopath For about half a century we have nown one unfailing recipe for creating psychopaths move a child through a dozen foster homes in the first three years I wonder if it even reuires foster families could moving a child as freuently between military bases even with a loving but emotionally stunted mother have some of the same effectThis story shows that even at 13 Reacher was dividing the world into Us Them and conseuences to Them were never important while he would protect Us his family at all costs For the rest of his life the attitude clearly never changes though his definition of family does I m going to add the same review for all of the Reacher series so if you ve read this one you ve read em all If you feel a certain affinity for the lone hero a man of principle of unwavering Ray Ryan knowledge and assent as to his own actions than Jack Reacher s yourinda guy Lee Child has created an unforgettable and uniue character in his creation of Jack Reacher Jack seems to implicitly understand that he is a uniue animalhuman running around on this planet and that in spite of social conventions cultural trappings and whatever conventions and abstractions we allow into our mind in order to alleviate this CORE FACT OF OUR SINGULARITY AND fact of our singularity and truth of it is not something Mr Reacher deniesHe embraces it Understands his philosophy implicitly revels in his physical beinghis conventions and values He defends those he loves those he does allow into his world with a loyalty bar none while never letting go of the notion that he is alone and being perfectly comfortable with thatI read one and within two months read all 15 books with an appetite that couldn t get enoughEnough saidH. N years as the youngest son of a tough career US Marine on a faraway military base in the Pacifi. First read April 24 2012A short story preuel 01 and 155 publication wise in the Jack Reacher thriller series This story takes place when Jack is 13 in 1974 and the family has just been posted to OkinawaMy TakeThis sets us up for Jack S Math And Deductive s math and deductive as a Daddys Sweet Girl: A Dark Stepfamily Love Story kid that boy was brightI do like how Child describes the difference between Joe and Reacher Joe has no trigger he s all brains and into theory he s likely to end up in military intelligence Reacher well Reacher is permanently jammed wide open on full auto an unstoppable force of nature with his get the job done mentalityThe wrong note in this is that a major and two Warrant Officers are willing to take thisid s word about the missing test answers and the code book And they re willing to bargain with himStill it was sweet It makes me want to read about Jack ReacherThe StoryIt s not Jack Not really Everyone simply calls him Reacher His parents His brother It s Stan and Josephine Joe and ReacherA new posting A new batch of ids to impress And now their new school expects Joe and Reacher to take placement tests Ehh Reacher doesn t care He ll do the minimum to get by It s *Joe Who S Worried * who s worried how well he ll do It s that fear that gets playedCaptain Reacher has his own worries when he gets handed a top secret missionand loses the code bookIt s Reacher who puts all the clues together and makes us wonder how we missed em Just a part of taking care of his familyThe CharactersUS Marine Captain Stan and Josephine ne Moutier Reacher are Joe and Jack s parents Laurent Moutier is the ids French grandfather A carpenter After World War II he was ordered to make wooden legs for the combat vets Using furniture legsHelen is the daughter of one of the NCOs The fat smelly id leaves all sorts of clueswho newThe TitleWell the title is certainly to the point Jack Reacher is the Second Son This is the story of Jack Reacher as a 13 year old This could worked as introduction of Jack Reacher his early years his motivation but story barely offers any insights As a standalone story it is too short to make any major impact and the detective skills for a 13 yr old are a bit unbelievable Overall you won t really miss anything if you skip this one and move directly to the main series A Jack Reacher short story published 2011Journey back in. Ever wondered what early experiences shaped Reacher's explosive career as butt icker supreme th. ,

Lee Child ☆ 8 Summary

Time to see what Jack was like as a teenager There is the size the self confidence and the ever present never say die attitudeJack might be the second son but he is never second when it comes to standing up for the little people in his lifeOn display here is not only Jack s physical skills but also his deductive skillsJack s dad is in a lot of trouble he has lost a top secret docu Second Son Jack Reacher 155 Lee ChildSecond Son is a short story featuring Jack Reacher a fictional character created by British author Jim Grant who writes under the pen name of Lee Child It is notable in several ways in being a short story as Reacher mainly appears in full length novels of which sixteen appeared as of 2012 in giving a glimpse of the teen age Reacher making the story a preuel set far earlier chronologically than all other appearances of Reacher preuel set far earlier chronologically than all other appearances of Reacher Son and Deep Down were both released originally for the Kindle 2018 21 11051399 I do love the Reacher character in Lee Child s books And since this story starts off in his childhood I was hoping to learn how he ended up being called Reacher no first name But I did not It was still a very good story unfailingly eeping my interest More of a 25 if you can swallow a 13 year old acting like an adult being smarter than all of them If you can t avoid thisIt s a glimpse at Reacher like an adult being smarter than all of them If you can t avoid thisIt s a glimpse at Reacher Jack even among the rest of his family Yeah swallow hard when he was younger solving problems I have to say that I liked the way he handled the bully although he sure leaps to conclusions is always right Too much but Thrones, Dominations kind of funThis was short took maybe 30 minutes to listen to competently read Inow my edition for this review is wrong There are no audio versions available my library s site is down now so I can t create a new one A short story with a much better effort of Reacher as a 13 year old teen inflicting his own brand of schooling 8 of 10 stars A nice uick read that delves into Reachers pastWith 13 year old Jack currently on an army base in the South Pacific Alongside he s brother Joe the pair need to prepare for a testIt s an enjoyable little story that could easily be expanded to a full novel the story was well structured but the skills that Jack already possesses at 13 was slightly unrealistic A very interesting peek at the life of young 13 years old Jack. E one man guided missile battler for justice This short story features an incident in Jack's tee. .

Second Son