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An enjoyable little book #on everything about the countryside from wildlife types to

plants cooking herbs 
cooking herbs thatching a roofNot brilliant #everything about the countryside from wildlife types to plants cooking herbs and thatching a roofNot brilliant it does make you want to find out One for the shelf This is the sort of book that you want on your bookshelf for those moments when someone asks What s the collective noun for a roup of crows or Why do we put a coin in a Christmas Pudding or What s the best wood to burn on your log fire 35 stars An enjoyable read of lots of facts and folklore on everything from plants trees weather animals celebrations and feast days to making your own cider I felt a lot of what was included is common knowledge but it was still interesting to see it all presented together Struther s collection of countryside activities superstitions and how to knowledge is a Hilla Rebay gooduide for those who want to recapture aspects of yesteryear It has Living Doll good tips onardening and cooking along with building and recycling everyday items into new useful ways And the old traditions that still linger are fun to read about As Well Did Not Find well Did not find the chaptersparts of the book eu. Ever wondered how to predict the weather just by looking at the sky Or wanted to attract butterflies to your arden Is there a knack to building the perfect bonfireAnd how exactly do you race a ferretIn this world of traffic tailbacks supermarket shopping and 24 hour. ,
Red Sky at NightLish village stately home This is an unbiased review There are lots of charming things here bits of rural history collective nouns for birds info on pig breeds and some long forgotten recipes Sadly it s all let down by long passages on topics such as tasseomancy why and when to plant your arden according to the astrological clock These aren t big bits of British countryside living and they #never were There s nothing about hiking and very little about fishing or forest craftIt s not nearly what #were There nothing about hiking and very little about fishing or forest craftIt s not nearly what I it would be A book full of enjoyable and interesting nuggets of information to dip into The poetry of traditional life if you want to know what to call a The Wild Side group of swans how to avoid being hit by lightning when to celebrate Lammas etc etc this is the sweet book for you A nice way to dream away the afternoon This book wasn t uite as interesting as I hoped it would be I learned a couple new things but most of the stuff was just common sense and superstition Then there was a weird point where the author felt the need to whine about political correctness It just felt unnecessary 25 star. Om spotting Britain's five kinds of owl toardening by the phases of the moon and from curing a cold to brewing your own ale Red Sky at Night is packed with instructions and lists ancient customs and old wives tales making it an indispensable uide to countryside lor.

Jane Struthers ✓ 7 READ

Ally interesting but I liked the overall thought class="71019ad2ba43657b639ced5c98d91de2" style="color: #003399; 25px;">behind the book and the thought of being the book and the thought of being Also learned a couple of facts from readin I found some nice information in this book such as how to identify owl species and build a fire Some of the items are well known and others are just common sense such as how to dress to o out in the cold and drink hot drinks and eat hot food first Who couldn t think of that for themselves Much of the book seems too eneral a list of names of British resident and visiting birds without saying #if superstitions or sayings are attached to any or what time migrants arrived #superstitions or sayings are attached to any or what time migrants arrived past centuries or where they all breed The author adds her own interest in various divinations which were not really used maybe by travelling ypsies who would tell fortunes However the book is nicely presented clearly written and suitable for young people as well as adults Probably it s a His Plaything good idea to store up and provide folk sayings and ideas in case theyet forgotten If anyone wants to read I recommend Apricot Village by Ted Humphris written by a head Cuckolded! Taken By My Husbands Bully gardener in an Eng. Internet access it's easy to feel disconnected from the beauty and rhythms of the natural worldIf you have everazed in awe at stars in the night's sky tried to catch a perfect snowflake or longed for the comfort of a roaring log fire then this is the book for you Fr.