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A must read for a paradigm shift Top 10 book great pictures The aerial photography in this over sized coffee table book is as amazing and thought provoking as the commentary is pointed A picture is worth a thousand words but these words are powerful too Recommended reading for anyone interested in development and planning or concerned about sprawl the environment and climate change Un peu l uivalent de La Terre vue du ciel mais centr sur les stupidit s urbanistiues et environnementales u on peut trouver aux USA lotissements ou golfs au milieu de r gions arides canaux aux travers des mar cages Immeubles Au Pied De La au pied de la et bient t les Beginning With The Native American Proverb the Native American proverb the earth well It was not given to you by your parents it was loaned to you by your children what follows is a visual masterpiece and brutal expos of the unsustainability of 21st century American existence Though the primary theme is undeniably bleak a compelling case is made for future viability with a focus on alternative energy and the inevitable evolution away from Mcmansions toward innovative urbanism as we breach population and resource capacity this all juxtapose super size aerial photographs snapped on a small plane while he flew across countryThis work is so much than a collection of. For than 30 years Alex MacLean’s aerial photographs have captured the evolution of the American landscape and the complex relationship between its natural and constructed environments that contribute to climate change Over The American Landscape at the Tipping Point is an ambitious and visually breathtaking catalogue of the extraordinary patterns and profound physical conseuences brought about by natural processes and human intervention   The book allo. ,

Photographs each is insightfully captioned with compelling statistics Each section Atmosphere Automobile Dependency Electricity Generation Water Electricity Generation Water Sea Level Rise Waste and Recycling Urbanism is thoroughly introduced with the photographer s own prose proving to be articulate inspiring and even heartfelt and anecdotal at times Maclean is an ace on both a photography and a literary front This is basically a coffee table book The photos in it have been taken by Alex Maclean as he piloted his own plane over the American landscape The photos are very good and the brief captions are generally useful Each picture is tagged with the location and at the beginning of each chapter is a little US map with the photos in that chapter eyed to map locationsThe 2 3 page introductions to each chapter written by Maclean sometimes seems a bit disjointed and rambling but it s not hard to understand what he is attempting to portray with the photos A uick overview of the chapter is actually given in the table of contents and this could easily serve as a uick and concise theme of the chapter As an example Chapter and concise theme of the chapter As an example Chapter is Automobile Dependency The summary in the Contents statesIn the last 100 years this country has built a network of 4 million miles of roadways that along with automobiles and inexpensive fuel have allowed. Ws readers to visualize climate change and our culture's excessive use of resources and energy which account for our oversized carbon footprint It demonstrates the extent to which the human ecosystem and our economic and social well being are dependant upon our wise use of land and its resources Over is divided into sections covering such as Atmosphere; Way of Life; Automobile Dependency; Electricity Generation; Deserts; Water Use; Sea Level Rise; Waste an. ,
Us to settle in a very diffuse way This road network is currently dependent on the internal combustion engine which is only 20 per cent energy efficient As people drive longer distances the US road network is subject to congestion resulting from a lack of capacity longer vehicle trips serious accidents and delays caused by ongoing road maintenanceOther chapters are entitled Atmosphere Way of Life Electricity Generation Deserts Water Use Sea Level Rise Water and Recycling and UrbanismThe book overall is a photo documentary of America s journey over the last 60 years or so to the environmental precipice we are now standing on Greenhouse gases global warming water depletion sea level rise none of which can be actually shown photographically together with suburban sprawl over development in arid landscapes coal powered electricity generation and loss of wetlands which can be are the themes These themes are amplified in the book s Introduction written by Bill McKibbenThe book s environmental message is not really consistently delivered but no matter To me the book is a poignant photographic statement where we have come to I m afraid that in say 2050 anyone looking at this book of two generations past will likely just shake their heads and perhaps cry Really good to read It make you I recommended. D Recycling; and Urbanism MacLean’s powerful photographs and insightful text make clear that maintenance of the current American lifestyle is incompatible with a planet of diminishing natural resources and text make clear that maintenance of the current American lifestyle is incompatible with a planet of diminishing natural resources and finite atmosphere Over compels us all to reconsider our basic assumptions about how we live work and play and reveals that while the challenges we face today are not insurmountable the future depends on our collective vision passion and commitment. ,
Over The American Landscape at the Tipping Point

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