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Bob Cooper is Australia s premier survival authority He walks the walk if he makes a survival kit to sell he goes and walks he makes a survival kit to sell he goes and walks the desert with it in his pocket to test itHe s not a flashy TV survivalist he s genuine with a dry witHe s a good man Outback Survival is a easy reading survival book lots of tips and sound advice I had the pleasure of being taught by Bob Cooper many years ago when he came to the US Highly recommended reading if you are headed into any desert environment I am a beginner in outback adventures and was looking for a basic book that would cover general principles of surviving in the bush This book covers the bases and the information is VERY USEFUL I CAME ACROSS ONE STATEMENT THAT MADE useful I came across one statement that made cring Namely the idea that you should not treat the victim of heat shock by immersion in cold water as it allegedly causes vasioconstriction and can actually increase the temperature of the body even This nonsense has been disprioven uite a while ago and victims and every organised marathon event has cold baths availab. 'a guidebook that might ust save your life' HERALD SUNBob Cooper's Incredible Bushcraft Skills Have incredible bushcraft skills have developed throughthan 30 years of experience in Australia's harsh outback He has picked up tools of survival from the experiences of living with traditional Aboriginal communities instructing Special Forces units lecturing with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service on desert survival in the. .


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Outback SurvivalAl But this book isn t about combat survival it s a commonsense guide to Staying Alive If You Find alive if you find broken down miles from anywhere in outback ueenslandAs per most survivally type books it details the pretty standard techniues used to procure water fire shelter food etc Where this one differs is the exploration of the mindset reuired and the rationale for WHY things are done in a certain way at a certain time and in a certain order These are backed up by Bob Cooper s wealth of personal experiences which are detailed in the first part of the bookThe book also includes a section on the survival kit using
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a section on the survival kit using Bob s own Bob Cooper survival kit as an example I have the military version of the kit and can attest to its well thought out nature and the usefulness of the items It gives a great psychological boostIn all Bob Cooper s Outback Survival is a great commonsense guide to survival in Australian or other hotdry conditions Destined to become a classic of the genre and well worth the pittance you paid for it Nice work Bo. How to find purify and transportWARMTH fire and wind proofingSHELTER against rain cold wind and sunSIGNALS by day and nightFOOD foraging and fishingThis new edition also features Bob's OUTBACK DRIVING guideThe outback of Australia is one of the most unforgiving regions of the world but Bob Cooper is committed to protecting and enhancing the experience people have when venturing out into the bu. Le exactly for this purpose However as the first book on the subject that I have read overall I find it very useful I found this book was not only an easy read but full of simple commonsence tips useful hints that are easy to remember in any crisis Its not until you read this book that you realise how many simple things you should Do In An Emergency From Writing A Note Before Leaving in an emergency from writing a note before leaving car informing the next bypasser what you are planning to do how much water you have how many people are with you your current state of health etc etcIt covers the basic first aid treatment for snake spider bites ocean nasties and many Good reference tips on what you "SHOULD CARRY IN YOUR OWN SURVIVAL KIT I VE "carry in your own survival kit I ve mine together for my next overseas trip Menopause and the Mind just in case Cheers Rosco Bob Cooper is well known in the Australian Special Forces community as a legendary survival instructor Indeed as this book describes he as a civilian back in the late 1970s undertook and successfully completed that part of the SASR Cadre course dealing with Combat Surviv. Mexican Desert delivering wilderness lessons in the UK and learning the skills of the bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in BotswanaBob has put his own lessons to the test and showed that with the right knowledge of the land you can survive in even the harshest of conditions OUTBACK SURVIVAL tells you WHAT you need to do and HOW if you want to survive Based on Bob's Big 5 techniues he explainsWATER.

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