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Nightmares DaydreamsTales of daydreams that can be serious and humorous in nature The poems also describe the mystic environment of dreams either being experienced in humorous in nature The poems also describe the mystic environment of dreams either being experienced in or in an awaken state I think everyone in their life time has had experiences with a nightmare or two but few would think to write it down and to ltimately write a book about them This author has done just that and has added some Beautifully Written Poems That written poems that them in a different light altogetherWritten in a nsuspecting voice that gives the reader little hint as to how the story line will eventually go A book that can be read in a short time BUT DO YOU READ IT DURING do you read it during day or night Only the reader can decide Great for a beach side or pool side read It could also be a go. K An evil wind p toy guaranteed to give you nightmares or worse An nbelieveably eerie story about a pact with the devil And a wickedly satisfying. A grand collection of the occult and the bizarre Watkins is a fine crafter of the gothic tale and is well worth the read It was a book of short stories by Arthur C Clarke that first got me interested in reading so long ago and now another book of short stories by Barbara Watkins will keep me reading for a long time to come Great book that anyone will enjoy Book Title Nightmares and DaydreamsAuthor Barbara WatkinsPublisher

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Publishing LimitedISBN by Michele Tater for The Couch Tater ReviewA haunting written collection of short stories and poems grace the pages of this book The stories are not shockingly scarey in nature but still can give the reader the feeling of chills and goosebumps There are ALSO. A COLLECTION OF INTRIGUING A collection of intriguing and poems of the paranormalThe stories includeA tragic child ghost A story about a con worthy of Alfred Hitchcoc.

characters ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Barbara Watkins

Od pick for a book club with a possibility of sharing with the members nightmares andor dreams of their own during these meetings Included too in this book is a bonus of the first two chapters of the authors next book which seems promising to say the least Nightmares and Daydreams is a short collection of mystery horrorthriller And Paranormal Short Stories And paranormal short stories and 5 stories 4 poems in all I first picked p this book when My Husband Was Out Of husband was out of for a couple weeks after reading the First Page I Opted page I opted put it down ntil he got returnedHaunted houses mysterious towns of blood sucking villains mystical jesters that bring protection and death murderous spouses and money hungry showgirls there s a little something for everyoneRea. Story of revenge against an erring husband What wife wouldn't chuckle at that There are also some hauntingly beautiful poems the author has includ.