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New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way Alternative Approaches for Women 30 90 Wise Woman Herbal Series Book 5 Wise Woman WaysI Anatomy of the Orchestra picked this book up because I was having spotting longereriods constant breast tenderness and it felt like I was PMSing all the time I wanted answers I went to the doctor and they ran a hormone test How to make Money with Porn probably baseline and did arobing not fun at all to look for fibroids Everything came back negative The result of the blood test was that I wasn t in menopause I could have told them that There s no test for erimenopause that I m aware of and even test for erimenopause that I m aware of and even there was Weed would advise against it And I agree with her The best The Wind on the Heath part of this book was the validation I received from it Practically the first chapter says If you think you are in menopause you are This doesn t mean that youreriod will end tomorrow as the state of Get Up and Do It! perimenopause a word Weed doesn t like can last from 10 20 years But what I found so comforting is that I have likely started the descent from mother to crone TBH I didn t do the whole maiden or mother thing well so cronehood cronedom has always felt like an awesome stage to relish in I was taking Chasteberry on the recommendation of my doctor when all these issues cropped up I ve since stopped it on the advice of the local wellness center We ll see what happens but I m so glad I found this book I read it cover to cover to get an idea of the contents so I can use it as a reference tool whenroblems arise I m also interested in making my own infusions and tinctures but I think I ll wait on those as well There are already lans to expand the current herb garden to grow some favorites like motherwort Again so glad I have this in my Well Woman Toolbox I love Weed s advice of doing nothing and accepting the changes My own mother gave that advice in a sterner tone and it s by far the best I will look for herbal allies along the way but embracing this change seems far healthier than trying to fight time age Mother Nature and THE CHANGE Susan Weed s Menopausal Years is by far the best book of its kindIt is organized in 3 chapters the years before during and after menopause what symptoms women might experience Each symptom is orderly detailed in seven steps the wise woman can take from least invasive to most invasive including 1 collect information 2 engage the energy 3 nourish and tonify 4 stimulate and sedate 5 use drugs and 6 break and enter Susan Weed is brilliant and her books are a tremendously valuable resource I absolutely treasure this gem of a book It is so relevant to my life right Now And I Find and I find reaching for it time and again to eruse a specific section look up a certain herb or re. The best book on menopause is now better Herbal solutions for osteoporosis hot flashes mood swings fatigue flooding fibroids low libido incontinence anxiety depressionCompletely revised with 100 new Newsjacking pages All the remedies women know and trustlus hundreds of new ones New sections on thyroid health fibromyalgia hairy roblems male menopause and herbs for women taking hormonesRecommended by Susan Love MD and Christiane Northrup MDOne of the world's best selling books on menopause still comes on strong Called indispensable incredible and a treasure trove of information Menopausal Ye. .

Ad about a newly relevant symptom I feel like a baby crone sitting in Grandmother Weed s lap learning of sacred hints solid tools magical otions alchemical approaches and age old methods for traversing learning of sacred hints solid tools magical otions alchemical approaches and age old methods for traversing rocky Affiliate Marketing Business path toward cronehood Susun has undergone the same journey and she knows It is a comfort to me having so much wisdom and support bound within thoseages on the ready for me to consult whenever I need direction and guidance Somehow Susun conveys to me that this transformation is indeed imbued with the ower of a spiraling cascade of women who walked these shoes before us I hold her book and I feel connected with sisters and mothers Stretching Back To The Very back to the very I recommend this book to any and every woman out there who is a crone in the making An excellent highly recommended book I use it already even though I am not yet experiencing menopause Cheesy 70s style but has some good information I read the first edition fyi I m starting with the Cons because they re straightforward I have a lot of detailed Pros to ruminate onCons if you ve had a hysterectomy this book is not for you if you experience body dysphoria this book is not for you suicide is mentioned several times throughout the book Weed euates having a uterus to being a woman female reproductive organs womanhood are one and the same to her Weed is very anti western medicine If I had followed her instructions obediently the re cancerous cells in my cervix would never have been found It seems like she s reacting to how the medical field treated women in 1992 and things were very different then I m curious to see if the New edition has been softened around this DO NOT INGEST BELLADONNAPros I wish menopause was spoken about in this way everywhere Weed cherishes it as a complicated Hilla Rebay painful confusing joyful liberating Change I m about to turn 35 andarts of this book had me thinking I can t wait for menopause several suggestions for rituals are scattered throughout the book Weed notes that menopause happens roughly halfway through life not at the end like it s so often derided I wish there was a societal tradition to celebrate this Living Doll powerful transformation Weed s writing also made me realize that I ve recentlyassed the halfway Designing for Magazines point of my menses I ve had than half the moontimes of my life I m alreadylanning to celebrate my 35th birthday with a No Baby The Wild Side party as I ve never wanted to reproduce I ve accomplished that goal and now I want to mark that halfwayoint too Weed strongly encourages getting to know your own body what it s trying Ars is the bible for the 87% of American women over the age of fifty who want nothing to do with hormonesIncludes information and remedies for False Start problems withremenopause flooding erratic Tombland periods fibroids spotting water retention muscle soreness as well as menopause hot flashes sleeplessness mood swings headachesalpitations anxiety depression fatigue and much Final chapters speak to ost menopausal women's concerns including ways to maintain heart health revent and reverse osteoporosis deal with dry vaginal tissues and incontinence ease aching joints and maintain healthy libidoT. O tell you and she does explain many *ways to do that herbal remedies make up the bulk of the book a lot of them *to do that herbal remedies make up the bulk of the book a lot them I already familiar with and some were new I didn t know vitex has berries I d really recommend doing research about some of these Cuckolded! Taken By My Husbands Bully plants before ingesting them but everything she wrote about dandelion comfrey ginseng ginger cinnamon and other commonlants was spot on Menopause is anthropomorphized as Grandmother Growth throughout the book She s loving and funny and wise I really enjoyed all the sections including Her Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors partway through the book I made the mistake of looking up menopause on Instagram and I really wish I hadn t It s all dieting obsession with looking under 30 and I m thinner than I was before I had kids blah blah blah Weed states explicitly that she wrote this book so that those going through menopause can embrace their age bodies Hot flashes literally create enlightenment I don t mean this in a hippies woo woo way Scientifically if you compare theulse and EKG and other data of a Captain Tsubasa - Tome 29: La renaissance du duo en or ! person meditating in or near a state of nirvana you will find it is similar to the condition a woman is in during a hot flash says Ms Susun Weed and I believe her because difficult as life may seem during this time the menopausal years are not so unbearable especially with the right attitude Each time I think I do not need this little book any I read aassage or two and am struck by how it relates to me still Her approach to menopause makes sense to me than many other books out there on the subject and her wisdom allows me to move through this change wit I love the idea of being comfortable with my body and it s changing Dream Fossil patterns This book is filled with dog earedages and will be a keeper Years ago I read the author s book The Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year and I loved it My favorite thing about this author is her reassurance that our bodies are usually able to handle anything that they need to do She has ractical advice on how to support your body without medical intervention or along with medical care if need be I m not into the goddess and this author has strong stances However I enjoyed her writing and benefit from her vast knowledge Most helpful natural menopause book I Have Found Love It Overall This Is A Great Book found Love it Overall this is a great book learned about Menopause from this book than any other I have read It is hard to know what is normal and what isn t I made a decision this ast fall to end birth control Web Marketing For Dummies pills I wasn t sure what to expect and this book really helps I will keep it close by for referenc. He soothing wise voice of Grandmother Growth guides each woman through the book and through her own menopause metamorphosis Ritual interludes interweaves a spiritual dimension often lacking in other worksIncludes superb resource lists for menopause information index glossary directions for using andreparing herbal medicines complete descriptions of the most used menopausal herbs including nettles ginseng dong uai red clover oatstraw and motherwort recipes for heart and bone healthy dishes and lots of illustrations Also available Menopause Metamorphosis Video starring Susun S Wee.