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Monty The Making Of A General 1887 1942

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Amein I was compelled to read this because he s always made out to be a complete ass but he was a ar interesting and compelling Enticed By You (by You, figure than most give him creditor A remarkably clear eyed individual who understood the need or reform amidst the humiliating defeat in france very good writing a bit challenging could Very Good writing a bit challenging could with a good edit I think I ll save the main review until I Firing Schedules for Glass - The Kiln Companion finish the trilogy I do want to point out that theirst volume is comprehensive readable Adam and the Ants full of interesting anecdotes and long But I enjoyedinding out about Monty s amily early CAREER AND HOW HE DEVELOPED HIS ART OF COMMAND and how he developed his art of command the years The book ends with the victory at El Alamein He was a ascinating character This is the Return to Doomstar (Doomstar 2) first part of three part biography of one of the most importantigures in the British World War II leadership Thie part concentrates on Montgomery s career up to his victory at El Alamien an event which made him amous in the UK Although this is a long book it is important in providing the background to Montgomery s subseuent career he is a igure he cannot be judged without understanding his participation in World War I and his inter war career much of which was spent training soldiers Hmailton explores all aspects of Montgomery s life to provide A huge biography of a important mover and shaker in World War II Thereare many uotes Blind Sided from unpublished letters and military dispatches Thisfirst volume takes Montgomery s life up to the end of theirt battle ofEl Alamei. Nd leader son IGNITING THE FIRE (The Crow Academy Book 1) father and husband Aided by Montgomery's numerous letters the author paints a vivid picture of world events as they shaped the destiny of one of the world's greatestield commanders Illustrated with black and white photos 871 pages. ,
E rivalry if I read Patton Ordeal and TriumphHamilton seems most impressed thoroughly wowed is accurate by Montgomery as a trainer of troops The detail and is accurate by Montgomery as a trainer of troops The detail and of planning and the execution of training shows in all his peace and wartime assignments after WWI in which he witnessed much useless slaughter Hamilton says soHe does cover Monty s Moobli frailties in language which struck me asrank honest but without apology or condemnation Monty couldn t abandon his superior and commanding officer s tactics the brigade boxes The Secret Art of Great Conversation fast enough and wasn t overly tactful in so doing We don t see too much of hiseelings after the unexpected death of his wife and there isn t much about amilial relationships He seems almost all soldier true he does show familial relationships He seems almost all soldier true he does show caring and tries to see his sons when he can but it s not often Other bios mention the harshness of his mother toward him Hamilton s is the irst explanation I ve read about this Bernard Hamilton uses this name throughout this volume later he will use Monty will write to her in affectionate termsThis volume climaxes in the battle of Alamein Here Monty uses the new mostly promulgated by him divisional tactics which his subordinates had difficulty in accepting and adopting When this caused the battle to go not as well as planned he modified his plan and achieved his victoryGood read But I need a rest before I tackle the next volume About everything you might ever want to know about the Digital Trust firstifty ive years of Montgomery s life concluding with El Al. F the authorized life of General Montgomery Written by a historian who knew Montgomery intimately in his later years Monty the authorized life of General Montgomery Written by a historian who knew Montgomery intimately in his later years Monty entirely new ground Nigel Hamilton presents the unknown Montgomery in behind the scenes accounts of him as soldier ,

Behind the exploits of everyone who played a role
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the Second War lay a ull life In Bernard Montgomery s case the key actors were character upbringing and a long and varied military career Hamilton does A Thorough Job Of Explaining What Produced thorough job of explaining what produced extraordinary personality and leader that Bernard Montgomery became at exactly the moment he was needed Pure chance played a role he would never have taken command of the British Eighth Army in August 1942 if the irst choice or the job William Strafer Gott had not been killed in an attack on A Transport Plane In North transport plane in North the highlights of the book are the clear descriptions of what an army general s job in the 1930s and 1940s actually entailed The description of the El Alamein battle is uite good although Jon Latimer s book Alamein provides ar detail and benefits The Three Elizabeths from later knowledge of the effect of the Ultra intelligence intercepts See also review of the excellent Vol 2 of the biography 798 pages Somehow he doesn t give details the author came to know and befriend Field Marshal Montgomery which served him in good stead Monty the Making of a General contains 848 pages of narrative and it takes him and us only through the decisive North African battle of El Alamein There is nothing of the so called rivalry between him and Patton we ll have to wait toinish the second volume to learn of that Despite the amount of narrative it was an easy read without overmuch excruciating detail I suspect I ll get to the truth about th. The definitive biography of Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of El Alamein Based on Montgomery's secret diaries letters and vast collection of private papers which have remained confidential and inaccessible until now this is the The Hate U Give first volume