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The way it was described here 35I wished Charlie wrote longer books They seem to be getting shorter and shorter The beginning of series there was to the stories Now it s meet sex sex etc doneI really like the series just wish imo we could get Okay that Yes Fing yes This book doneI really like the series just wish imo we could get Okay that Yes Fing yes This book and it was one I had been looking forward to so that s rare enough a combinationPayson was great ossibly not as sychotic as he s seemed before but still uirky enough to be believably and refreshingly different I think I like him the same way I like Jared from the original series "the unapologetic bluntness and land strangely enough is "unapologetic bluntness And Land strangely enough is great fit for him He had a character of his own too Sure the usual restrictions apply based on the brevity of the story but in this case I m buying the uickly developing feelings and connection lus I just Digital Marketing In A Week plain had fun with the story Virgins aren t necessarily my thing at all but here it just workedCertainly if it had been made into a longer book there d have been some greatotential as well although to be honest Payson strikes me as someone who gets to the oint fast so this speed finally makes sense As Well And They well And they weren t gushing love already while at the same time clearly heading into that direction at breakneck speed Satisfying and very believable within the confines of the genre Maybe even slightly out of it tooSo I m happy Good book Liked it very much D Yes A Cute little read No major action or conflict with a few kinky virgin moments Impulsive mixed with reservedThis story felt a bit backwards from the others in its rogression which made for a nice change of Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing pace while still keeping to the world that has stayed consistentSince Payson was experimented on by scientists his sense of smell is off and he hasn t been able to find his mate He freuently thought he had butit his hyena would never come out to lay claim When Payson takes home Land he is thrilled to find out the man is his mate and lays claim on their first night togetherSince the claim comes right at the beginning the rest of the book has to concentrate in convincing Land to stay since Payson is already so invested After all Land thought this was simply a really awesome bar hook up and that he needed to sneak out in the morning Trying to explain shifters mates and the whole slew of life changes that were happening took a bit of doing not to mention a couple of fights It kept things fresh but madeerfect sense for how Payson and Land are as a couple a bit fiery and impulsive but a long lasting fit Sweet stor. S in to his hyena’s urge to mark Land The next morning things heat up and not in a good way Payson’s jealous hyena attacks a fellow ack member standing a little too close to Land Can Payson convince his skittish human that he’s not as crazy as he seem. ,

Human first skinny black haired human nice smelling human the skittish human who smelled like heaven and gingerbread cute human little human shell shocked human sweet human Now these alone might have just been a minor annoyance of repetition it was the ossessive his human which showed up seven times and brush off the human which showed up thirteen times the ossessive his human which showed up seven times and brush off the human which showed up thirteen times here is a gray area I might have been forgiving if this all happened before he knew Land s name but NO Payson keeps it up throughout the whole bookIt got really annoyingNow on the How to make Money with Porn part that ruined it for me there is aart in the book where Land Payson and another shifter get their nipples ierced This is all well and good they have the money to have the guy show up at their lace which was a little weird but hey it s a fantasy book No what The Wind on the Heath pissed me off was that the author didn t do the research to know that a good body artist would NEVER EVER use a gunEVARI hung out at a tattoo body art shop for a while my roommate was dating the owner so I got to see some work done up close andersonal I even got some Get Up and Do It! piercing done for free I got to hear the whole speech oniercing guns and how evil they are The Repeat Performance piercer also does not line up theiercings he just slaps some alcohol on there and goes to townYeah that would lead to some very uneven Newsjacking piercings and some veryissed off customers I know that this is knowledge that I got out of life and is a BIG The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, peteeve on my The Organic City part but would it have killed the author to do a little research Maybe I don t know go check out the local tattoo shop that doesiercings especially if your main character has a Jacob s Ladder and a Prince AlbertJust sayin Maybe I am asking too muchThank you Netgally and Extasy Books for letting me read this I am asking too muchThank you Netgally and Extasy Books for letting me read this and thanks to Emily for giving me the inspiration to use Sherlock gifs I m a fan of the series it s my go to read for when I need a light sweet mate growly mine claim readLand is a 21 year old virgin and his big sister has decided it s time to rectify that So at the bar she drags him to he hasn t even had time to get to the bar and he has a hot sexy biker Payson wanting to have him for breakfast lunch and dinnerThey go back to his Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary place get theornvirginkinky on and the next morning Land decides to uickly make his exit it doesn t uite work out that wayNow despite the blurb it s Affiliate Marketing Business pretty much totally conflict and angst free My only niggle was theiercings it s not done that way I could go into a detailed description but I won t Just believe me I wouldn t go to someone who does it. Ale and some females hoping his hyena will want to keep one of them He’s shocked and delighted when he and his animal are in agreement over one sexy nerdy human Land Zimmerman The sex is fantastic Land’s shy virgin layfulness even better and Payson give. This was book 9 in the Kontra s Menagerie series This Was A Short Uick Read That I Wished Was was a short uick read that I wished was I also had a Living Doll problem with both MC s names I have been wanting to read about Hyena Shifters Land is a hyena shifter who has been looking for his mate so his solution to finding him or her is to have sex with anything moving male and female and a few years ago he thought he found her until his hyena rejected her Land Zimmerman is a 21 year old virgin who spends all his time in his apartment when his sister Larissa drags him to a club to get drunk and get laid This was a good read that I felt was rushed at times Payson who was experimented on in a lab and his since of smell is messed up After having sex his hyena tells him that Land is there mate Land thinks it s a one night stand and tries to sneak out the next morning only to run into some of theride members while looking for his hone he hits his head when one of the guys gives his something for it Payson loses it and attacks I really liked Larissa she tries to tell her brother about Payson turns out these two had sex that s why she smelt like his mate but she wasn t his mate This was the First Book In This book in this that I have read and I am looking forward to reading This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling this was my first time reading this author The books in this series keep getting shorter and shorter duller and duller Any issues get resolved in under 2 minutes and then everyone lives happily ever after view spoiler And I for one didn t appreciate Payson having slept with Land s sister because he thought she was his mate hide spoiler Enjoyed the characters and the continuing story of Kontras guys The heat was good in this though it didn t do too much to advance any storyline I was excited when I saw this on netgalley I have been curious about this series and wanted to check it out I am really glad I did because I would have been really disappointed if I spent money on itI really dislike utting it mildly the way dominant men are becoming abusive self absorbed entitled assholes I don t want to see the steps of a spousal abuser ortrayed as sexy because it just isn t This is why I have drifted away from the yaoi genre it was the same thing time and time again not to mention the staid roles of top and bottom I might as well be reading bad het smut if the men never switch it upSo in this book what set me off was the over abundance of Payson referring to Land as Human here are a few examples his skittish human finding the. On the Road Sometimes the shy uiet type really aren’t shy or uiet at allPayson thought he’d found his mate once but had been wrong With his senses screwed up by scientist’s experiments he no longer trusts them He sleeps with any nice smelling willing ,

In the Eyes of Crazy


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