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Rgument with his mother about mowing the #Lawn Leading To Her Throwing His Comic #leading to her throwing his comic collection out tries to finagle an Action Comics 1 from an unknowing older boy and tries to odge an unhappy acuaintance who was swindled by Matt and wants revenge The Americana flavour is strong throughout Balmy Saturday afternoons spent watching horror films and wrestling going out for slurpees igging hideouts in the yard It S All Chronicled Throughout Matt Himself Is Portrayed As s all chronicled throughout Matt himself is portrayed as manipulative greedy unpleasant and eceitful and like in his other books never makes him seem a nice person all to the good as it makes for a funny read I like Matt s rawing style and while it s not as polished as it was in Spent it is excellent in this book His exaggerated facial expressions "add to the pettiness of matt s own "to the pettiness of Matt s own such as collecting comic book slurpee cups A fantastic read and an excellent comic book from an artist who produces far too few books for a man of such talents If you re interested in indie comics then Joe Matt is your man It was good Not amazing but good A small story about a small town Pretty straightforward stuff Glad I read it A well rawn teenage confessional from Joe Matt with his usual blunt and guilty insecure honesty Very good of its type and Matt s Software (The Body Electric Book 4) drawing skill is beyond uestion but really this kind of suburban adolescent coming of age saga is now a hopelessly overworked cliche in comics If have ANY interest in this guy start with Fair Weather It s a cool autobiographical glimpse into his life A real set up to his books Spent and The Poor Bastard which are kind of sad neurotic tales of hoarding and chronic masturbating With Fair Weather you really appreciate the innocence he had as a kid And if you grew up collecting comics it s a pretty interesting tale of a lonely fanboy It s a world of bicycles 7 11 Slurpees and late night horror movie hosts My favorite work of his so far. Reatens to burn his mother's houseown teases those weaker than himself and reveals himself to be a fairly normal child Completely unsentimental and strangely kind of endearing Fair Weather continues the American tradition of hilarious self exhibitioni.

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Fair WeatherA well written thoroughly honest occasionally painful memoir of life as a young geek extra points for avoiding the paint by numbers Internet Marketing Essentials dork as victim thing young joe tortures plenty of helpless victims himself his mother a retarded kid the family cat yet still somehow manages to be a sympathetic character recommended I like some of Joe Matt s other stuff particularly the famous brutal honesty that he brings even at the cost of his ownignity I thought Fair Weather kind of sad though He he brings even at the cost of his own Internet Marketing Revealed dignity I thought Fair Weather kind of sad though He a complete shit for 90% of it and then we re supposed to forgive him in the last three pages because heecides not to be a shit to one person Brutally honest maybe but that Email Advertising Crash Course doesn t make it enjoyable to read When it comes to unflinching autobiographic vignettes in comic form on theepravity of one man s Curse of the Black Widow day toay mini Sećanja dramas no oneoes it better than Joe Matt So when said artist captures a weekend A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah during his adolescence that captures all the hopes fears andesires that Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies defines your typical suburban teenuring the 70 s you know you re in for a treat Portraying Joe Matt in a innocent and simpler time than the pornmasturbation obsessed Spent Here s brief glimpse into the early 70 s suburban childhood Joe Matt Natural Stone in the Built Environment doesn t exactly try to make himself look like a kid who s very nice and sweet Instead he comes across as a mean ungrateful lying kid a bed wetting coward who even threatens to burnown his mothers house if she hides his comics again Gotta love that honesty It only covers 2 Internet Marketing for Smart People days one weekend from his childhood and feels a little too short to leave any bigger impression But if you liked any of Joe Matt s other stuff you ll enjoy this one too Joe Matt s work puts me in a terrific mood Unless he can somehow benefit from being friendly or helpful he is always exemplifying the exact opposite of those traits and pre teen Matt brought to vivid unforgettable life in Fair Weather is pure hilarious wonderful hu. For over ten years Joe Matt has been notorious in cult circles for the embarrassing frankness with which he reveals hisistressing habits and predilections Utterly shameless and completely self absorbed Joe Matt writes with an exhibitionist's enthusias. Man evil He s a lying baiting snivelling coward interested "In Nothing Than Getting His Way And God Help The "nothing than getting his way and God help the parent who obstructs him In short this brisk account of a mildly turbulent weekend in 70 s era suburbia perfectly encapsulates everything that rules and sucks about being a rotten little American kid I can t wait to read it again There s a rule in autobiographical comics that states when you feel conflicted about whether or not something is too personal to share share it I think Joe Matt may have taken that to heart than any other Comics Artist Maybe Ever artist maybe ever I m not convinced he is ever conflicted about anything I used to think that David Heatley was the most brutally honest creator in comics but clearly the title belongs to Joe Matt Fair Weather is an unflinching flawed but worthwhile memoir of what a shitty kid he once wasYelling at his mom being selfish and narcissistic stealing from his so called friends lying picking on the mentally isabled There s no way around it young Joe Matt is not a protagonist you feel much sympathy for There are a few a protagonist you feel much sympathy for There are a few that like most geeky kids he was bullied and suffered with low self esteem but Matt oesn t apologize for nor Tales From Underwood does he revel in his misdeeds Instead Fair Weather is a raw beautifullyrawn After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, document about theifficulties some self made of growing up and the shifting alliances of childhood I found myself wanting Matt to get his act together but I also wanted to punch him in the faceAt the very least I respect anyone that can be so vulnerable and forthright about their flaws Fair Weather is not a pleasant read but it s a story worth telling Joe Matt s autobiographical comics have never flinched from portraying himself as anything other than a flawed human being and Fair Weather is no ifferent The story takes place over a weekend when he s a pre pubescent boy who is obsessed with comics Over the course of the book he has an M for his favorite subject himselfIn his new graphic novel Fair Weather Joe examines his 1970s suburban childhood In a surprisingly tasteful and thoughtful memoir young Joe Matt is a selfish child who steals from stores takes advantage of his friends th. .