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Two haiku reviewThey were foster kidsHe hasn #T Treated Her WellBut She Still Loves #treated her wellBut she still loves have hurtful pastsUp and down relationshipHe was an a hole Not exactly my favorite Maggie s been in love with Cord since she was just a kid And now after her disaster marriage she wants to get close to him But he kept pushing her away Cord s fond of Maggie but he sees that Maggie s been keeping secrets from him secrets that d kills her if he found out But what will happen if Maggie s life is on the line of fire Again this one is moodkiller I ve been looking forward to reading about Cord s reaction towards Maggie s secrets But it turns out Flat I need And this story s not that good I found myself skipping lot of pages Diana Palmer sure can do better than this Overall similar plotline Scarred heroine and egoistical Hero Good to read but if you re familiar with how Diana Palmer put the situations together this book s just fell flat Didn t like this one What the heroine went throughtoo depressing This book last in huttons and co inspired a lot of mixed feelings But as I finish it it was

overall good experienceLet me get negatives out first I hated the way Cord behaved with Maggie in the past however I did like that it was all before the story started and that made it easy to forgive him Maggie s emotions were a ping pong ball They went through changes in blink of an eye the things Maggie went through were painful to readNow the positives Though the first half of the book was boring the second hand when Cord actively pursues both Maggie and the criminals is fun to read This book has breeding and sex than any other DP A cute epilogueIt wasn t safe in technical terms but still a good read3755 It was no secret on how much I loved Diana Palmer s books I always find comfort in her works no matter what Although most of her works seemed similar to each other I still can t get enough of them I loved Maggie and Cord They were perfect for each other Both of them have pasts full of heartbreak and pain They were messed p But together they were perfect As they spent time together they learn about each other And we get to see them open Search Marketing Strategies up to each other and learn about each other and grow closer It was justite beautiful Although Cord didn t start out as the most charming fellow but as the story progressed his sweeter side peeked out and ntil it was basically his natural side He s just until it was basically his natural side He s just a sweet hero while also being deliciously dark and dangerousAll in all Desperado is such a delightful enthralling sweet romance read packed with lots of actions and adventures And if you love hero who grovels nicely this one s for you I do enjoy this Author she does keep your interest But she does get kinda of racy in some parts and some love scenes You know this may bother some people but. For the first time in paperback bestselling author Diana Palmer delivers the sweeping tale of a Desperado Cord Romero a mercenary who has

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If you can get over that she is a good writer 25 stars rounded p Triggers pedophilia sex trafficking children in danger domestic violence Another LLT up Triggers pedophilia sex trafficking children in danger domestic violence Another LLT that is imported from the HuttonCo series The Hh were foster brother and sister Heroine has been in love with the hero since she was 8 and hero was sixteen Heroine was sexually abused as a child and doesn t trust men The hero lost his family in a fire and fears intimacy because he could feel that pain of men The hero lost his family in a fire and fears intimacy because he could feel that pain of again That didn t stop him from marrying a woman he didn t love so he would stop obsessing about the heroine His wife committed suicide and hero still feels guilty about it Hero is a mercenary who owns a ranch outside of Jacobsville He was a cop and then FBI and I don t know what else he knows all of the other DP cop heroes Heroine is a financial advisor and has just given Programming in Swift up her job in Houston for a job in the Middle East because she realizes she needs to get away from the hero for good Hh had a one night stand the night of their foster mother s funeral Heroine was a virgin Hero was so disgusted with himself for deflowering her that he was cruel and acted like she was disgusting triggering heroine s trauma from her childhood Hero left for a mission somewhere Heroine married an older man when she found out she was pregnant Older man was an abusive alcoholic who beat her and caused her to miscarry Then he wrapped his car around a tree and died Heroine gave her inheritance to his two crippled ex wives When the story opens heroine s ex fiance hero of another book and married to someone else calls to tell her that the hero was blinded while detonating a bomb and has been asking for the heroine Heroine spends 36 hours in travel to rush back to Texas only to find he s angry that she didn t rush to his side four days ago when the accident happened Oh and he s not blind He kicks the heroine out She starts walking down the long road to the main highwayntil she s picked p by the foreman who takes her to HoustonThe foreman then tells the hero that the heroine had been in Morocco and hero realizes he was wrong He tracks her down and says sorry but they don t resolve anything Heroine is determined to get out of the hero s life Hero warns her that he Heroine is determined to get out of the hero s life Hero warns her that he on the tail of a human trafficker and that she might be in danger She takes a job in Houston in the building that houses a private investigative firm owned by the Hh of yet another DP novel The wife befriends the heroine and the heroine helps her get a photo of some bad guys putting her in danger The hero swoops in and brings her to his ranch for protection He shows her to her a room a room he had decorated for her years ago but has never shown her Reviewers note none of this made sense He loveshates her She loves him But they don t know each other because they ea. Nformation that will implicate a drug dealer realizes that both his life and the life of a woman from his past are in danger Determined to. DesperadoCh have dark secrets Then they can read each other s expressions because they know each other so well The heroine is victim who dresses dowdily and shies from men but she s and shies from men but she s married and engaged before can shoot a gun and wants to go on adventures The whiplash is intense in this oneWhile living in his home for protection the hero begins to put the moves on the heroine talking to her about the beauty of sex breasts and hairy chests The sual drillThey decide to chase the bad guys first to Spain and then to Holland breaking so many laws and defying common sense that it made my head spin How they got guns across borders or how the hero disguised himself and went through passport control as an old man is beyond me I won t even go into the computer hacking the bugging of offices the tampering with evidence the boneheaded moves of putting themselves and others in danger They manage to have sex several times in the middle of all of this without benefit of clergy and with the Hh both hot to get pregnant The times are changing in DPlandia The side characters the adventures with bullets flying the mystery the tsking about human trafficking took The Complete Guide To Associate And Affiliate Programs On The Net Turning Clicks Into Cash up a lot of page space and I skimmed and skimmed and skimmed The Hh are married off page and there is the cutesy detail about the heroine going 85 mph in her excitement to tell the hero about her pregnancy The cops let her go because they recognize her from the news after they captured the bad guysI won t do a DP checklist because this didn t really take place in Jacobsville But I just wanted to leave these directotes without comment so you can soak p the absurdity of this storyanti terrorism school in Jacobsville Later Cord would explain that Rodrigo was adept at Plains Indian sign talk and had taught Cord once on a surveillance missionCord surprising Maggie switched immediately to DutchMaggie turned in a novel about international espionage to an editor in New York who d read the earlier draft and contracted to publish itLOL slightly hysterically My brain will NOT be broken by this extravaganza of implausibility It is forged steel hardening in the fires of crazy Great story I really enjoyed this This was one of action and intrigue with multiple locations even overseas I really liked it alot This story kept you riveted to the storyline and the characters Maggie and CordI really enjoyed Maggie and Cord s and the characters Maggie and CordI really enjoyed Maggie and Cord s They have both been through so much in their past After Cord is injured and temporarily blinded Maggie leaves behind her chance to start a new life in another country to be at his side They both have a new opportunity to truly get to know each other and come to turn with their feeling Maggie is a strong h a warrior and survivor of a terrible childhood and the love she finds in Cord is well deserved Highly recommended. Keep Maggie Barton safe he sets out with her on an adventure that takes them through Spain Morocco and Texas But will they make it back ali.

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