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MEAN ANYTHING You can t ust say things and call it writingwishbone arms What do you mean by that What is that So what They re all bowed out They re skinny They re dried out like after it comes out of a turkey and sits for a while They re IN THE MIDDLE OF A BIRDhair like a long taffy pull okay so it s sticky hair It s wide at one end and then at the other end it s all thinned out and white and stringyYOU CAN T JUST SAY WORDS THAT SOUND PRETTY AND AUTHORY AND CALL IT WRITING THEY NEED TO MEAN ACTUAL THINGS I CANNOT READ THIS BOOK FOR THE WRITING IS SHIT AND TERRIBLEALSOpigeon toed like a dancerPLEASE SHOW ME A PIGEON TOED DANCER SHOW ME ONEWHERE IS YOUR EDITOR MEGAN ABBOTT SOMEONE NEEDS TO SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELFNO NO NO YOU ARE BAD YOUR BOOK IS BAD THIS IS ALL VERY VERY VERY VERY BADWhen you use words you use them to mean things They need to MEAN THINGS You can t The Complete Guide To Surfing Your Best just use them because they SOUND NICE OR SMART OR ESPECIALLY WRITERLY That s like using an apostrophe because it LOOKS BETTER THAT WAY Sadugly characters doing sadugly things to one another This is supposed to be what is in the heart and mind of the all American girl I m not buying thatThis is how Addy sees herself p 258 You see these glitters and sparkledust and magicks It s war paint it s feathers and claws it s blood sacrifice Who the heck is she at war with Herself Who are any of them at war with Why are any of them so angry If I am expected to care then explain to me why they are this way Otherwise don t waste my timeThere is no character that you have hopes for or care for or even like other than perhaps the victim but even there what that person was doing was wrong Who in this whole book actually does rightNone of these characters are even fully formed There is reference made of Beth s issues but never explained why she behaves as she does nor why none of these girl s parents seem to give two hoots about their supposedly perfect daughtersThe way the girls tear at one another bully each other and these are supposed to be their friends Iust don t understand what the author was trying to say with thisAnd the big revealI don t mean the reveal of the death which you would think is the big reveal but the actual big reveal in the final pages Yeah saw that coming a mile away wondered how long it would take to get there Who caresThere are some big continuity problems that don t make sense Coach has her hair in a bob but then later only a matter of weeks later it is described in a ponytail and a French braid So does she have long hair long enough for a French braid or ponytail or is it a bobAt one time Coach is speaking to the girls in the locker room and they begin to scream with From Tree Dwellings To New Towns joyumping on the bleachers There aren t bleachers in locker rooms The worst one is p 117 Clattering the phone against the wall she catapults it down the toiletAddy is there and witnesses this happening the phone down the toilet The book is told in first person from Addy s viewpoint So then why on page 121 does she say I can t get Beth to return my texts Yeah that would be because her phone went down the toilet four pages ago which Addy witnessed Stupid On Page On page 123 asks for her phone back and reminds her that it went down the toilet So then why was she texting her two pages ago when she knows Beth s phone went down the toilet Makes absolutely no sense Additionally the description of the victimsuicide which Addy saw says the weapon was lying under the leg but later Addy reads that it was by the victim s head p 191 reading from the newspaper article Recoil will usually cause a handgun to land behind the body the source noted not next to the head where it was found Addy is trying hard to figure out what happened and she never thinks to herself that that isn t the gun was but was under the leg She supposedly can t get the image out of her but she doesn t think that this is wrong So I m guessing it is an error on the part of the author Since all of theses small details do seem to matter to the plot that is really badly doneAlso what world do these people live in where the high school cheer coach in her office at the high school smokes And I mean smokes like a flipping chimney You can t even smoke outside most schools around here let alone in the building And she gives the girls cigarettes and then serves them alcohol at her home with no mention whatever that this isn t okay There is tons of teen drinking drugging drinking and driving drinking while driving with no mention at all that anyone is at all aware that these things aren t right Parents seem to not exist in this world Bottom line One word Ugly i have watched the first two episodes of this show and i am displeased so far if anyone wants to talk about it i m gamemegan abbott knows all the secrets of being a girl and she keeps on spilling them book after bookit s fun to be a girl nah man it s not have you ever seen the feet of an actual ballerina view spoiler hide spoiler. Es to uncover the truth behind the death and learns that the boundary between loyalty and love can be dangerous terrainThe raw passions of girlhood are brought to life in this taut unflinching exploration of friendship ambition and power Writing with total authority and an almost desperate intensity Tom Perrotta award winning novelist Megan Abbott delivers a story as unnerving and thrilling as adolescence itselfSpectacular It's Heathers meets Fight Club good Chelsea Cain the New York Times Book Revi.

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This book focused on cheerleading which reminds me of the cheerleading movie called Bring It On At first the story reminds me of the cheerleading movie called Bring It On At first the story fast paced and then there were weird vibes with Addy and her thoughtsconversations onwith Beth Sarge Coach and Casey This story seems to be about friendship but somehow the relationship is tumultuous I do like the puzzles Addy was to solve the lies and the sprinkles of information from Matt This book started with a prologue told in the first person point of view following Addy 16 It s 2am someone asked Addy to come Addy was reluctant when she looked at something on the floor Then the story began 4 months ago as Addy got ready for cheerleading At football season the cheerleaders have a new coach Coach French 27 This coach is unlike any coach the girls had before Addy is Beth s sidekicklieutenant and Beth always do what pleases her With Coach around Beth has a competitor The story is timeline b update APPARENTLY THIS IS GETTING A TV SHOW BUT I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED There s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls This is a weird book And it s definitely going to be polarizing But holy shit for me this book was fantastic It s not necessarily a book you ll enjoy but oh my god does it stay with you this book along with Abigail Haas Dangerous Girls got me interested in the suspense genre It has been over a year now since I read this bo Beth and Addy have been the top dogs on the cheerleading suad for years When a new coach comes in and upsets the apple cart how will Beth react to her role being usurped And what dark things are waiting in the wings for Coach FrenchWow I ve said it before but Megan Abbott makes the politics of teenage girls look as brutal as the Game of ThronesDare Me is a look behind the curtain at what makes teenage girls tick specifically the ones motivated to be cheerleaders Eating disorders cattiness the whole nine yards When the Coach arrives and usurps Beth s role in the suad things uickly start falling apart Beth goes on a calculated rampage the Coach s unhappiness is exposed and Addy is stuck trying to hold everything togetherYou wouldn t think a tale about cheerleaders would be this dark but the girls are like a pack of wolves pouncing on any pack member that makes a misstep Beth was pretty slick and would make a great femme fatale once she gets a few years on her Coach French seemed like she became a coach because it was the only part of her life she had control over Addy s struggle between her loyalty to Beth and her new relationship with the coach kept the plot rocketing forwardThere s a twist near the halfway point that sends the book veering into standard noir territory While I was pretty sure who the culprit was Megan had me off on tangents a few times I had an inkling of how the book was going to end but that did little to lessen the impact It still hit like a cheerleader s head on an unpadded gym floorAs of this writing I ve read five or six Megan Abbott books and this one was my favorite yet Five out of five stars Dare Me by Megan Abbott is A 2012 Picador Books Publication After Reading You Will Know 2012 Picador Books publication After reading You Will Know I knew I wanted to read Megan Abbott and I had even picked this book to be the next in line It ust took me a few years to finally get around to it Much has changed since this book was published in 2012 I know it was only eight years ago but while the mean girls trend was successful and still pops up in various forms of entertainment its shock value had been greatly reduced Still this book is one dark and twisted ride For those of us who lived outside of the exclusive world of cheerleading it seemed almost like a secret society The girls are always popular always attractive They are perky and enthusiastic and of course they can perform all those death defying stunts Behind the scenes though there are bruises and punishing workouts and the threat that hangs over them the possibility of severe injury Cheerleading is like an exclusive enclave but there is to it than cute outfits and the entertaining acrobatics There is a brutal physical toll and those stunts can be incredibly dangerous But ust like anything else there is always the possibility of a dark side lurking ust beneath the surface This novel gives readers a front row seat for an inside peek into what goes on behind that carefully crafted fa ade in the highly competitive world of cheerleading The premise at least in the beginning isn t all that shocking on the surface We have Beth Cassidy the undisputed leader of the cheerleading suad and her best friend Addy cruising along unchallenged while the other team members acuiesce to her demands and leadership knowing their place or else Then a new coach takes over and upends Beth s hierarchy Immediately it becomes clear that Coach French will reuire a lot discipline from the girls demanding they perform tricky stunts and announcing there is no longer the need for a team captain While Beth seemingly takes all this in stride. Tense dark and beautifully written Gillian Flynn this novel of friendship and betrayal from an Edgar Award winning author is a harrowing glimpse into the dark heart of the all American girlAddy Hanlon has always been Beth Cassidy's best friend and trusted lieutenant Beth calls the shots and Addy carries them out a long established order of things that has brought them to the pinnacle of their high school careers Now they're seniors who rule the intensely competitive cheer suad feared and followed by. One senses Beth is biding her time to pounce to take
revenge Coach French will pay price for her demands and pounce to take her revenge Coach French will pay a price for her demands and expects Addy to fall in line with her as usual However Addy is a little bit in awe of Coach French who inspires her try harder to uestion her friendship with Beth As a result she soon finds herself caught between loyalty to Beth and her respect for Coach French Until The new coach who happens to be married is found in a compromising position with another man When her new lover allegedly commits suicide Abby finds herself pulled deeper into the Coach s web as the police begin to uestion the cause of death As damning evidence mounts Abby begins to suspect several people in her inner circle of foul play This is a fiendishly entertaining very clever and uncomfortably realistic novel The dangerous machinations and power struggles between these teenage girls almost eclipse the murder mystery and is a constant diversion blinding you to even sinister developments By the end of the book I was on the edge of my seat Overall this is a compelling drama a taut cat and mouse guessing game that is highly disturbing and deliciously macabre 4 stars There s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls How can I describe this book Well if Bunheads had a manic intense and obsessive older sister then this would definitely be it Dare Me is about teenage girls and cheerleaders in particular straddling the line between childhood and the big world of adults but it isn t a tale that conjures up the usual images that high school cheerleading brings with it This is an intense book about obsession sexuality and competition I think back once again to Bunheads and how that tells of the dark realities of ballet dancing it isn t a nice pretty world of tutus and female friendship you have to be ridiculously self disciplined and ferociously competitive That s what the 375 Stars rounded upYowza This is Mean Girls at its Very Best and when its Wicked it s Totally Wicked And when it s Trashy it s Totally Trashy And in those MOMENTS It is HIGHLY ENTERTAININGDare Me by Megan Abbot is High School Cheerleaders version of Mean Girls with a little mystery thrown in It s entertaining and campy and it almost makes me want to be back in High School To be teased mercilessly Not And I swear the book didn t inspire me to want to go out and buy pom poms either I m serious ReallyThis is the story of cheerleaders and best friends Addy Hanson and Beth Cassidy Beth has always been the Captain and Addy her lieutenant Together they are fierce Beth has always been as cold as ICE and no one crosses her and no one can get to her no one except Addy Then everyth First Read November 2016 Rating 55 starsSecond Read April 2020 Rating 455 starsRaw gritty and completely unforgiving Abbott exposes the teenage girl populace in a harsh and exposing light in this unputdownable dark contemporaryBest friends Beth Cassidy and Addy Hanlon are the ueen Bee and Lieutenant of their high school Their status as cheerleaders means no to them than to ensure that all eyes are turned their way as they parade the hallways in packs of short skirts and flipping ponytails That is until a new coach arrives and is determined to make the cheer pack sleeker slimmer and daring On their way to perfection every flaw is uncovered every trick perfected and not all friendships will last this test of enduranceAbbott is an absolute master at exposing the nuances of the politics that govern the lives of teenage girls Her characters might not represent the norm but they act as exaggerated spokespersons for what lies beneath the facade of bored indifference perfectly glossed lips and exposed lengths of legs that categorize these girls More fierce than war generals determined than Olympic athletes and cut throat than criminals these girls maintain the facade of solidarity with simpering smiles whilst dually knifing each other in the back at every opportunity I flew through this book in less than a day and found absolutely every page compelling and enthralling Abbott made her pack of glossy cheerleaders far than their image and her uest for raw truth made their stories intrepid and valiant I found no inherent good in the story and yet found myself rooting for each of them despite their immoral and often illegal anticsThis voyeuristic insight into the elite cheer pack made me dually want to relive my teenage years as one of their cliue and glad that I stayed clear from this dog eat dog form of friendship This tale proves that getting to the top of the pyramid isn t the hardest part but staying there isDuring my second reading I found this no less compelling but a little removed from the teen school drama I can t even go far enough in this book to find out the premise I do not even care This is god awful This is the worst kind of writing edit FINE THE WORST KIND to me I suppose you re allowed to like it So many analogies that don t actually even. The other girls until the young new coach arrivesCool and commanding an emissary from the adult world ust beyond their reach Coach Colette French draws Addy and the other cheerleaders into her life Only Beth unsettled by the new regime remains outside Coach's golden circle waging a subtle but vicious campaign to regain her position as top girl both with the team and with Addy herselfThen a suicide focuses a police investigation on Coach and her suad After the first wave of shock and grief Addy tri. Dare Me AUTHOR Megan Abbott

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