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no real pace 
real pace the story wasn t told fluently because it had to be fit into the historic Internet Marketing Essentials events to somextend The main character is rather weakly developed and some happenings seem to happen too far out of the blue and in such an unbelievable and unlogical way that it s hard to really get into the story It got a little better after about 200 pages when the story finally seemed to happen because of the sake of the story And then Internet Marketing Revealed everything happened too fast within the last 100 pages out of 416 I missed the dangerous adventure though and the main character really being threate. Ston im Jahr 1492 gelandet Dort wirds für ihn lebensgefährlich Er Email Advertising Crash Course erweckt Misstrauen am spanischen Königshof und auf der Alhambra gerätr in die grausamen Fänge der Inuisition Doch zwei neue Freunde Tari und Salomo. ,

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